Our annual 2023 Team Sale is underway. We are reaching out to share the details of our offerings and invite you to extend our sale offerings to other team members. Pricing is valid through Feb. 28th, 2023. For orders shipping outside of Utah, calculated Ground shipping rates will apply. Utah customers have the option between flat rate Ground shipping and local pick-up at our warehouse in Murray, UT (boxed or assembly available).

Save $200 on the following Alta Racks models:

  • ALTA Superior DaSanchez
  • ALTA Superior 45er
  • ALTA Superior E-Quattro
  • ALTA Six Pack

Save $50 on ALTA Mobile Floor Stand

Save $30 on ALTA Tables

Save $30 on each ALTA Trail Stand (minimum purchase of 2)

Free Shipping on Basket Cases if shipping (minimum purchase of 2) or Save $10 on each Basket Case if picking up locally (minimum purchase of 2)

Save $60 on Superior Conversion Kits (for existing Rack owners):

  • DaSanchez Upgrade Kit for GPR (includes top & low bars & gusset set) – $360
  • 45er Upgrade Kit for GPR (includes top bar & gusset set – excludes low bar) – $260
  • E-Quattro Upgrade Kit for GPR (includes top & low bars & one gusset) – $315

Additional baskets for upgrades (includes tire straps & knob) are as follows:

  • General Tire Baskets – $118 each + shipping
  • GROM Baskets – $118 each + shipping
  • Mid Tire Baskets – $125 each + shipping
  • Mid GROM Tire Baskets – $125 each + shipping
  • Fat Tire Basket – $150 each+ shipping

Please submit your order details to info@altaracks.com by Feb. 28th, 2023 and we will send you an order confirmation from sales@altaracks.com containing a payable link. Please include the following information in your initial email:

  • Name, shipping address and phone number
  • Attach proof of membership from your cycling or youth team
  • Screenshots of your cart are a great way to initiate your order (please note color preference outside of stock colors). Alternatively, order details can be communicated in your email:
    • For rack orders, please indicate desired basket sizes and quantities AND vertical main beam color preference. Check out all 17 color options available on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2piZuyHkiY
  • Utah Customers please indicate your preferred shipping method

If you need help deciding what products best fit your needs or need a shipping quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@altaracks.com. We have limited stock available for immediate shipment. Please place your order early if you have a known time constraint. We will do our best to ship all orders within 30 days of purchase date.

Outside of our annual Team sale, Alta Racks offers an incentive program which may interest teams. If 5 racks are purchased at full price, a 6th rack and it’s shipping is FREE (maximum credit towards the 6th rack is equal to the least expensive qualifying rack price). Team members must include their team’s name at the time of purchase if ordering individually.

May your 2023 season be the best yet!

Alta Racks Team