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As the “upright revolution” takes over, as Yakima bike racks puts it. We say, welcome to the revolution, we kept a seat warm for you. 20 years late but who is counting.

You as a consumer will see many companies offer similar looking products.  Sometimes with a large price variance. If you are old enough to have gone thru similar transition with other products, you most likely already know just because its cheap it does not mean it’s good.

Let’s do a comparison, first off assuming that we are all building our products in the USA. If you have checked out some of these new upright racks coming out from Yakima, LOLO racks, and some others notice the welding. Notice the attention to details. Notice ergonomics and ease of use. Notice the gradual damage that your bike will witness.

Alta Racks has over 8 feet of welds on our ALTA SIX GPR 6 pack carrier, that translates to quality over time, longevity, and a product that will perform as advertised for life. We take pride in that, the cost of 8 feet of weld per rack is significant. We put quality before profit and will do that as long as we are in business. We call that 8 feet of pride.

We build the best bike rack in the world, and looking to start the Life Rack revolution.