We design, develop, and create custom solution racks for just about anything.

Our goal is to provide you the last rack you will ever buy, ALTA SIX General Purpose Rack (GPR) is one of the most adaptable and dynamic systems ever designed. It was designed to withstand life in rugged Utah, from the 11,000 feet peaks of Wasatch to unforgiving terrain in Moab Utah.

With cost in and weight in mind, we wanted to create affordable solutions for people and families to enjoy the outdoors to its maximum extent without having to spend large sums of money to get there, we feel you only need one rack for all of it.

Below is the assembly videos for ALTA SIX GPR 2.0 and 1.0 if your latch assembly has a single bolt you own a GPR 1.0. Visit our You Tube channel for more videos.

Instructional videos on VIDEO page


  • Developing cutting-edge solutions and breaking the mold of possible
  • Using latest technology in simulation, and analysis to create the ALTA SIX General Purpose Rack(GPR)


  • We source, and build all in the USA
  • The ALTA SIX GPR has gone thru rigorous testing in the mountains and deserts of Utah, Colorado, and Idaho for the past four years.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in military-grade equipment design and rugged systems design work.

Owner / Engineer with career in product development for US military and other agencies.

We are proud of our products and aim to create the best customer experience for you. We aim to provide a great customer service experience thru out the life of your rack.

Using military and rugged off-road product design methodology to create the lightest system on the market, we aim to disrupt the current limitation set by lack of imagination.

We have spent thousands of hours designing and developing our products, using simulation and real-life testing to prove their reliability and function. As you read this, we are continuing in our pursuit of perfecting our products, and making sure that our customers have the best experience possible.

Using military grade development requirements, the ALTA products ensures long term reliability. Protect your assets with ALTA.

No Touch, No Rub, All Love. Get your LIFE RACK today.

Original buyer warranty terms

We provide life time warranty against all manufacturer defects and material defects, all else is covered with a one year warranty.

Replacement warranty covers replacement parts for the original buyer. It provides low cost replacement, and upgrade solutions.

Repair arm warranty is 90 days.

Our goal is to provide you a life time support for your purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We aim to make you happy. Our policy is to treat you the way we would like to be treated.

All coverage under this warranty becomes void if any modification, or alteration has been made to the product.

Free shipping on warranty items for the first year, for USA only.


DO NOT OPERATE RACK without Hitch pin installed, a hitch pin is not included with the rack.

Basket are designed to carry bicycles up to 45 pounds or lighter on smooth paved roads, if you travel on dirt, or unimproved roads no matter how smooth the tie down system must be engaged, and brakes must be engaged. Bent baskets due to off-roading or heavier bikes will not be covered under warranty. Our racks and baskets are hand built and are not perfectly uniform. Some bending and deforming is expected, but it does not affect the performance of the system.

The tie down system is designed to compensate for movement and vibration created due to non-smooth roads, washboard roads, or unimproved roads.

If you need to carry heavier bikes, E-bikes. Give us a call. Made in Utah .