What is the insurance that your new bike is not being damaged by your racks worth to you?

Do you think about how to store your bikes in your garage, and then you still have a rack to deal with?

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Store the rack the right way with the Mobile Floor Stand.

Expect more.

We have spent the past two years in research, design, and development. Running simulation, testing real life scenarios. Our racks have years of engineering know how, and military design process built in to them. We have conducted dynamic load analysis, finite element analysis to ensure maximum safety and reliability and we are a fully insured company. Of course, made in Utah and proud of it. Fail safe features are also built in to the rack, something other racks do not provide. Off road capable, and no your warranty won’t be voided if you go on dirt roads. That is just ridiculous, how some of these companies set their rules. If you are mountain biking the trail is on dirt, how are you going to get to the goods without driving rough roads? We have off road designed in to our rack. We also carry road bikes too.

Racks may be broken up to two categories, touch the frame or rubber tire mount. For this article Please allow the assumption the vertical racks are the way to go. I am biased.

The ALTA SIX GPR is not only designed for bikes but can also be converted to carry other sport products such as skis and snowboards. Our rack offers full adjustability while in bike mode for handlebar and pedal clearance, making it easy to switch between carrying bikes and other equipment. In addition, our rack offers full clearance for tailgates, van doors, SUV flip-up or side doors, and Jeeps. The ALTA SIX GPR can carry up to six bikes with no rub, no touch, and all love, ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

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Use your rack as a repair stand.

ALTA Racks offers a unique range of features that sets them apart from other racks in the market. With a built-in repair stand, users can easily make adjustments on their bikes while on the go. Additionally, the rack is designed to fit different tire sizes, with three basket sizes available for regular, mid-fat, and fat bike tires. The raised angle from the hitch allows for off-road clearance, with a full off-road tie-down system built-in for added safety.

One of the most significant issues with other racks on the market is sag and wear after years of use. ALTA Racks are designed to be easily tightened and adjusted over time, ensuring a long-lasting and snug fit. The company’s approach to product development is centered around the user, with small details that make a big difference. For example, the ALTA Rack allows for full access to back doors, a feature often overlooked by other companies.

Customization is also a priority for ALTA Racks, allowing users to choose from different colors, systems, and basket sizes. The company believes in starting with the end user and working backward to develop meaningful requirements that create a great product, with engineering capability as a tool to develop the system, not restrict it.

Despite being a USA-based company, ALTA Racks remains competitive by focusing on quality and pride in their product. They have identified the right partners that understand their vision and appreciate their strategy, proving that it is possible to build in the USA and still succeed. With a lifetime warranty and lifetime support, ALTA Racks is a reliable and durable solution for all bike enthusiasts.

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Adaptable to existing ski and snowboard carriers

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