We recently had a customer purchase the ALTA four pack and they reached out to us post sales for some awesome feedback.

Good Morning Alta Team,

I am a happy new owner of a 4 pack rack.

I wanted to follow up with a little data on the Decked drawers and ask a few questions:

I attached 2 photos of the rack installed on my 2019 Tacoma – Long bed, with my drawers open. The smaller drawer can open all the way with the rack straight up or tilted, as long as the rack is unloaded on that side. Then the rack is loaded, it will open the same distance as the large drawer.

The larger drawer can open enough to access the back of it with the rack straight up (as long as there is something larger back there, like a tool box, I cannot reach smaller, loose items) and you get a few more inches when the rack is tilted. The drawer hits the center mast of the rack when its straight up and it hits the tilt release handle when its tilted, so having the rack loaded or unloaded does not impact how far it opens.

I hope this info can be helpful for future customers.

Overall, I am happy with the compatibility and would choose the same setup again.

decked drawers for trucks with bike rack ALTA 4 pack with decked drawer with totyota tacoma scaled