The options are increasing with rack companies jumping in the to high capacity bike rack scene. At the end of the day as k this question, why is it non of these companies put up videos on their racks in action?

Companies like Yakima, Thule, Kuat and Velocirax manufacture their products in China with no control over quality and even a bigger issue for us is, no way of knowing or turning a blind eye to slave labor practices that are rampant in that part of the world. US government has produced multiple sources showing slave labor being used for a lot of the goods that is being exported to USA.

That a side, the proof is in the videos , reviews and customer feedback. We are still waiting to see any of these companies put up videos of their racks with bikes in action. We also have yet to see a seven bike rack with seven bikes on it.

ALTA brings it every time, no hype, no gimmick just pure performance and a solid bike rack with life time warranty made in the USA. We do this because responsible manufacturing is very important to us, we really enjoy our democracy and freedom and want to preserve it for the future generations.

Our racks are designed to preform time and time again, every part is specifically made for performance and lasting a life time. So you can enjoy the great outdoors of this great nation. Thank you for your support.