As the market for high-capacity bike racks grows, more companies are offering their own options. But we have to ask: why aren’t any of these companies showing their racks in action?

Yakima, Thule, Kuat, and Velocirax are among the companies that manufacture their products in China. This means they have little control over quality and, more importantly, cannot ensure that their products are not made using slave labor practices. Multiple sources from the US government have shown that such practices are rampant in that part of the world.

But the proof of a product’s quality is in the videos, reviews, and customer feedback. So far, we haven’t seen any of these companies provide videos of their racks with bikes in action, nor have we seen a seven-bike rack with seven bikes on it.

At ALTA, we pride ourselves on providing pure performance and a solid bike rack with a lifetime warranty, all made in the USA. We care about responsible manufacturing, and we want to preserve the democracy and freedom that we enjoy for future generations.

Our racks are designed to perform time and time again, with every part specifically made for performance and durability. So you can enjoy the great outdoors of this great nation, knowing that your ALTA bike rack is up to the task. Thank you for supporting us.