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Salt Lake, Utah (December 7, 2020) ALTA RACKS, a leader in no frame contact vertical bike racks, recognizes creating steel is a process that generates a large carbon footprint; at the same time, steel is a product that can last a lifetime if designed, and manufactured correctly.

ALTA RACKS aims to create a product that would serve their customers a lifetime and not end up in landfills. Using military design methods and techniques, they were able to develop the most cutting-edge product available. Their racks meet some of the most demanding requirements for shock and vibration and are second to none when it comes to longevity, and it is one of the lightest on the market. “Right from the start, we made reducing our environmental footprint one of our cornerstones and part of our business strategy. We wanted to create a high-quality product that lasted a lifetime, because recycling is great, but not having to recycle is even better Ali Yazdian Alta’s founder and product engineer, said, “I don’t see how a company can be in the outdoor industry and not have a responsibility to control their environmental footprint reduction. We share the air, dirt, and everything else on this amazing planet,” said Yazdian.

“Some companies create a market by providing lower-cost solutions, but the true cost is hidden. The damage to the environment caused by overseas manufacturing is not yet fully grasped, but I think it will be evident in the near future that we need to change our consumerism approach.” “We need to hold the companies we do business with accountable for their environmental impact across the globe”

ALTA is making a difference, and blazing a new trail by keeping the manufacturing process close to home 95 percent of their operations and suppliers located locally in Utah; even better, that 95 percent is within a 10-mile radius from their HQ. These companies buy American steel from local mills, the boxes are made in North Salt Lake, and the Voile straps are made in West Valley, Utah. Any part that fails to meet their quality control can also be locally recycled.

ALTA RACK products are transported between local companies and shipped in reusable fleece bags and 100 percent recycled cardboard boxes made in the USA, and these small details have reduced the use of foam and plastic by 500 pounds per year.

Yazdian said,” I want my grand kids to be able to feel the joy and the rush of life that comes with playing outside. I want them to see and feel the best powder, best trails on earth, and preserve everything great about our country and our way of life”. ALTA RACKS believes in supporting the community by sponsoring local Utah events and organizations and making a product that inspires consumer pride. ALTA will continue with their effort to ensure that sustainability is always in the front of the design.

It’s about playing the long game. It’s also about placing people and the environment before profit.