Frequently Asked Questions

What setup do I need for sprinters & double door vans?

There are multiple way to create a rack system that will clear the rear doors. Racks with Kickout adapter, racks on extenders, or the rack setup with the Swinger system will all accommodate door clearance when leaned back. Our EQuattro, Lefty, or Three Pack rack is designed to clear the passenger door when leaned back, but the left door may contact the bottom bar.

The driver side door clearance is achieved by adding a kick out adapter to the rack.

The Swinger system when leaned back can clear both doors on your vans. No kickout adapter is required for this setup.

If you have additional equipemnt installed on the rear of the vehicle The ALTA SIX extender will help extend the rack out even further to clear boxes.

Another way if you dont want to use an extender and do not have box systems and spare tires on the rear door is the XL hitch with a six inch kick out adapter, this set up will clear your doors when leaned back and it is the closest the rack can be to the rear of the vehicle. For instructions on how to set this up, detailed videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Please note that the Dodge ProMaster may not achieve full door opening, as we have had two reports of this issue out of many that have worked. The factory ProMaster receivers also seem to be poorly built and ties to the bumper, which creates a lot of flex. A class 3 receiver with a 500-pound tongue weight rating is required for all receivers.

Our tie-down system is designed to sync the rack to the frame of the vehicle, rather than relying on a single point connection via the receiver. This removes any jerk movement or unwanted vertical acceleration caused by rough roads, potholes, and other rough surfaces. The longer vans with stiff rear suspensions can benefit from our straps, which help reduce bounce and ensure a smooth ride for your bikes.

It is 100% required to use the tie down system with vans when carrying bikes.

Carrying E-bikes & heavier bikes

The GPR racks are very capable for most applications, as it is rated to 50 pounds per bike. However, we do recommend using E-bike straps for any bikes over 40 pounds on the GPR rack.

Our general baskets can accomodate 50 pounds on the GPR racks and 60 pound on the Superior racks when used in combination with E bike straps and brake engagers. In addition we have a new HD basket that can accomodate bikes up to 70 pounds on our superior rack. When carrying e-bikes on our racks, we recommend removing the batteries whenever possible to reduce the change in center of gravity. To properly secure the bikes, ensure that the bike brakes are engaged, as this eliminates any movement in the hub. Engage the e-bike straps to pull the bike towards the vehicle and completely remove any force from the rear of the basket where it may be bent. Additionally, tie down the rack to the vehicle body independently of the receiver to eliminate any play in the rack that can create forces and shift the bikes, potentially bending the baskets. Our baskets are engineered to collapse in the case of an accident to protect your wheels, but they may bend if the above guidelines are not followed.

All RVs, and tow behinds, including stiff rear suspension over land vehicles should be using the HD baskets.

For overlanding, four wheel drive, and off-roading vehicles, trailers, and other hard suspension platforms, we highly recommend the Superior racks, as their stiffer design allows for less flex, and can accommodate heavier bikes in conjunction with engaging the brakes, utilizing the E-bike straps, and tying the rack to the vehicle low and wide. Putting an HD basket on your GPR can help with the flex, but not engaging the brakes will result in broken baskets and damaged bikes, so it must be done every time. That is the way we designed the rack and its envelope for operations. We hope this makes sense!

Are your racks RV rated?

Our Superior line racks have been designed and tested to meet RV standards. This rack, when combined with our HD baskets, are the required setup for RVs, fifth wheels, stiff suspension and overlanding trucks. If the HD basket of the desired size is not listed, send us a contact form message. If you plan to use this on rough roads or offroad, this is the best setup.

Long RVs, fifth wheels and pull-behinds are one of the hardest platforms to carry bikes on, and most companies will void your warranty. Given the rigorous testing of our racks, if your RV is rated to carry a Superior Rack and with it’s bike capacity, we will not void your warranty. However, it is important to note that a Class three two inch receiver with 500 pound tongue is still required to ensure proper installation. We strongly advise against using an extender, swinger, or other plugin devices to extend your receiver, as the leverage can be difficult to control. Instead, we recommend moving the receiver itself. If you need additional horizontal extension, the XL hitch is RV approved and provides an extra 2 inches.

Proper tie-down of the rack is crucial for safe and secure transport of your bikes, and is required for RV use. We recommend tying down the rack low and wide, creating a right-side triangle on each side from the top bar to the body of your RV, trailer, or bus. Be sure to engage the brakes on your bikes, and refer to our assembly video for more detailed instructions. going back tothe receiver chain loops with the straps does nothing and you will not have a good time with that setup. Fifth wheels over 30 feet seem to not work well with our racks due to bouncing and lack of support for the receiver. Tie down points can not be emphesized enough. It’s the difference between the system working or failing. We recommend testing this setup before you take off on a long trip. A suggestion would be to drive locally with the rack, as well as the bikes you plan on transporting, and have someone take a video.

It is important to pay close attention to the construction of your receiver. Some RVs extend the receiver tube without any support at the bumper, which can cause significant flex in the receiver when bikes are loaded. We suggest testing your receiver prior to embarking on a long trip, and running a dry run with your rack and bikes to ensure proper installation.

Please note that it is your responsibility to confirm that your receiver is a Class three receiver with a minimum tongue weight of 500 pounds. Our warranty does not cover platform inefficiencies, insufficient rating of your receiver, or assemblies that did not follow our directions. Our warrnaty does not cover net baskets which may be the result of a platform not built for our racks.


What is the difference between the hitches & the ALTA SIX extender?

To ensure compatibility to a wide range of vehicles, we’ve designed a few parts that allow our operators to configure their system based on their specific needs and vehicles.

Our regular (general) hitch is ideal for most SUVs, Honda minivans, and small to mid-sized wagons. If you need extra clearance for your truck tailgate or have a longer rear hatch door, such as with Mercedes wagons, Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, or Toyota Sienna, our XL hitch extends horizontally by 2 inches to accommodate these vehicles. Please note that the Volkswagen Euro van is not compatible with this rack even with an XL hitch, the long door contacts the fixed portion of the hitch.

For those with rear double door vans who require full access to the back of their vehicle with the rack leaned back, refer the first question, “What setup do I need for sprinters & double door vans?” for more info.

We also produce a short hitch that lowers the rack and it is primarly used with our SWINGER set up. you may need the kick out adapter to compensate for lowered bikes. This setup works amazingly well with small SUVs. We have tried it with CRVs, Honda Pilot,and outbacks will really get the mot benefits from the short hitch combined with the 6 inch kick out.

What is the right basket size for my bikes?

We offer many baskets sizes, this is due a to the fact that precision in the carry of the bikes, specifically the baskets is very important. The basket width selection is designed to hold the wheels in a certain angle to avoid interference with other bikes and reduce the over all needed width of the top bar.

All of our baskets are designed to accommodate different tire widths, rather than wheel sizes. However, all of our current baskets can fit the same wheel sizes, ranging from 20-inch BMX bikes (although the GROM/ Mid-GROM baskets are best suited for this size) to 29ers plus.

We offer four different basket options:

  • General Basket: Fits tire widths from road bikes up to 2.8 inches
  • HD General Basket: increases the weight capacity when used on superior rack with E bike strap to 70 pounds per bike
  • Mid-Fat Basket:  Fits tire widths from 2.9 to 3.8 inches (Discontinued)
  • HD Mid-Fat Basket: Fits tire widths from 2.9 to 3.8 inches, increases the weight capacity when used on superior rack with E bike strap to 70 pounds per bike
  • Fat Basket: Fits tire widths from 3.9 to 5.8 inches No HD available currently
  • GROM Basket: Fits bikes up to 2.8 inches wide, and is intended for 18- and 20-inch wheel, like BMX and some kid bikes
  • Mid- fat GROM Basket:  Fits bikes up to 3.8 inches wide, and is intended for 18- and 20-inch wheel kid bikes only.
    • Please note, for the GROM and Mid-fat GROM, depending on bike length, the bike may not reach the bottom bar without a 34-inch axle to axle measurement, or strapping of the lower wheel to the center post. This basket is perfect for BMX bikes. Some 20-inch bikes may fit in the general basket, although not all will. General question we get: Can I fit my 20 inch or 18 inch bike in the general basket and make it work? In most cases you can; however, if you are fitting a lot of bikes on the rack the exact fit baskets will only help in managing bike spacing. With smaller bikes in larger baskets there will always be a little more play and the lean angle may be affected.
    • Regarding tire width, we offer three width options: up to 2.8 inches wide for the General and GROM baskets, 2.9 to 3.8 inches wide for the Mid-Fat and Mid fat-GROM baskets, and 3.9 to 5.8 inches wide for the Fat baskets. When choosing your basket, select the combination that best suits your needs. You can always purchase other basket sizes at a later time. If your tire width falls at the upper end of the measurement, we recommend ordering the next size up. For example, 2.9- and 3.0-inch-wide tires will fit better in the HD Mid-Fat baskets.

For 24- and 26-inch wheels, we use the wheel chokes to achieve an exact fit. The wheel choke reduces the length of the basket and positions the front wheel of the bike correctly. Wheel chokes are available for all of our baskets. For example, if you have a 24-inch wheel bike with a 3-inch wide tire, we recommend purchasing the Mid-Fat basket and Mid-Fat wheel choke.

For road bikes, we recommend using the General basket and using a pool noodle for protection. To do this, take a hollow pool noodle and slice it lengthwise. Sandwich the front wheel into it, then place it in the basket and use the tire strap to secure it.

Can I put your rack on a swing out?

The ALTA Swinger is designed specifically for our racks, providing a safe and stable interface for swinging away racks. Our racks are designed with an extension that creates a lever force, which quickly exposes deficiencies in other swing products.

To answer the question simply, the ALTA racks are not compatible with any other brand of swing racks. Other swing systems do not offer the necessary stabilization to prevent movement or flex given the unique design of our racks, which can include significant vertical acceleration and moment forces. This can result in a dangerous whip effect like a hammer head. We heavily prioritize stabilization to ensure our racks remain safe and secure. The ALTA Swinger is rated to 350 pounds and is bi-directional. This system is unmatached in the industry.


Can I hang your rack off of the wall for storage and store bikes on it?

Although we understand the utility of having a method of storage for your bikes, we absolutely do not recommend hanging our bike racks from the wall. We find this solution extremely dangerous. If not properly secure, or if the studs are not strong enough to hold the weight of the rack and bikes, the rack may come loose and damage bikes and racks. Worst case scenario, it can severely injure someone, which would be terrible for everyone invlolved. We believe in engineering solutions that are tested and approved, and do not trust anything else that hasn’t gone through the same process.

If you need to store the rack flush against the wall with some hooks, remove the baskets and use the hooks that are secured on 2×4 studs to secure the rack. The rack should be resting on the ground. That said, the best method to store our rack is the mobile floor stand.

Are the retractable straps or tie downs required for the rack?

Under normal driving conditions, there is typically no need to tie down the rack. However, using the tie-down feature can synchronize the rack with the vehicle frame rather than relying on a single point with the receiver. This allows the rack to move in tandem with the vehicle. If you notice your receiver flexing and moving, or if the weight of the rack and bikes adversely affects your suspension, that is generally a good indicator that you need to tie down the rack.

The rack comes with tie-down end caps for the top bar, and any ratcheting strap can be used to secure the rack to the vehicle. Our retractable straps are a nice feature because they remain on the rack and are self-contained. For added peace of mind, we recommend using tie-downs. Wide and low is the ideal tie-down method, but tying the rack to roof racks on SUVs is also a good option for smaller vehicles, minivans, and small SUVs. When the rack is used on vans, offroading, overlanding vehicles, and RVs, using tie downs is required.


What is the difference between the four, five & six pack racks?

The ALTA SIX GPR (General Purpose Rack) features a uniform body structure across all three rack configurations. As your needs change, the rack can be effortlessly upgraded to a higher capacity by adding baskets. To purchase additional baskets for your existing rack, go to spares under shop page and make a basket request.

Please note that we only sell baskets to current rack owners who are registered in our system. If the rack was not purchased directly from us, please send us a picture of your rack and baskets to make sure we can accomodate your version of the rack. You may contact us about purchasing more baskets through our contact page and form, or order baskets through the basket request form HERE.

How do I upgrade my rack to increase capacity?

Want to make that four pack a five pack, or go for the full six or seven pack? The rack price differences do not reflect the cost of the upgrades between racks, and depending on the basket request, the price increase will be greater than the difference between rack prices. Therefore, it is more economical to purchase the higher quantity rack, than order a basket in the future. However, we understand that a greater bike capacity may be unnecessary for your situation at the moment, but the option to upgrade or convert your rack is always available

The Conversion Kit in our shop page allows you to convert your bike rack to any other variation.


Can I modify your rack or can you build me a customized rack?

Any modification made to the rack will void your warranty. Although we love the art of customization ourselves, we have invested a significant amount of time and money into designing, testing, and supporting our current products to function at their best, and therefore do not recommend making any modifications to the rack. While changing a part may seem harmless, it can have a detrimental effect on the entire system. We use software modeling to better understand the behavior and performance of our racks, and we have created a design that meets the needs of most of our customers within a specified operating window.

That said, we do consider custom work from time to time, please send us a message with your request.


For Lexus GX470 & Older CRVs - Will I be able to open my side-swing rear door with the rack leaned back?

The side swing doors vehicles like the Lexus GX470 and older CRVs pose a challenge with the rack installed. While you will get some access to the rear door, it will not be able to open fully. However, with the rack leaned back, you will still be able to reach in and let pets in and out, although the door will not open more than 25 percent. The XL hitch option may offer a slight improvement, but will still prevent the full motion of the dorr.

The ultimate solution for these scenarios is the Alta Swinger system with any of our racks. This system allows each of our racks to fully swing out on either the driver or passenger side, creating ample room for side swinging doors. You can add a swinger when purchasing a rack or directly from the Alta Swinger page.

How do I upgrade the Three pack Lefty to the full-size rack? What is the cost?

In the “Rack” section of our website’s shop, you will find an option to Upgrade or Convert an Existing Rack. There, you can find every part that you need to convert your rack, except for the baskets. You can purchase additional baskets HERE and will send you a confirmation email after we have verified your account.

Why is your rack more expensive than other racks?

At a superficial glance, features between companies’ bike racks may appear similar. However, upon closer observation and sufficient research, you’ll discover significant differences. Our rack has the furthest extension in the market, providing an unrivaled amount of space and access between the rack and the vehicle. This feature allows for better operational use when strapping and managing bikes, accessing rear flip-up windows, and dropping tailgates without lowering the rack. It’s a feature unmatched by any other company out there. We also offer removable and adjustable baskets that allow for creating the perfect distance between the bikes to avoid damage from neighboring bikes, which is also unparallened in application.

Our rack rises out of the receiver to create instant height for clearing dips in roads, steep driveways, and providing perfect clearance for vehicles such as minivans and low receiver locations. Our lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defects for the original owner of the rack. The capability to convert the rack to our winter carry system, along with its features and accessories, are unique in the industry, and allow for year-long use.

Our rack weight is one of the lightest on the market, and just like your bike, the lighter it is, the more expensive it gets, but it is precisely engineered for a longer life and better performance. If you consider overall features, warranty, and capability, our products offer value beyond any other on the market.

We build our products in the USA, pay living wages, and utilize local resources to reduce our footprint. We use recycled material and even up-cycle used tire tubes for our brake engagers that come with every rack. When you purchase US-made products, you are supporting local economies and our way of life. We do not see this as a surface-level gimmick or excuse to value our products as premium. As a nation, it is vital that we stay self-sufficient. The high quality of our racks and our commitment to that conviction reflects our prices, and we’re proud to champion that greater vision.


How do I select the colors for the rack?

When customizing your rack on the webiste, you will have the option to select the color of the main beam right after you select what kind of rack you want. The rest of the rack comes in black by default. If you desire to have other parts of the rack custom colored, you can place a note in the customer note section during check out. Simply specify the color you want and which parts you want to be custom colored. Please note that custom coloring for all parts of the rack, excluding the main beam, with have an additional cost.


How do I carry road bikes with your rack and how many drop bars can I get on the rack?

Road bikes may require additional care as they are built to be lighter and thinner due to their intended function. Our general basket is suitable for road bikes, but the rim may come into contact with the metal on the basket, which we find unacceptable. To address this issue, we use a long piece of a hollow pool noodle, slice it lengthwise on one side, and stuff it into the basket. Then, place the front wheel of the bike into the pool noodle and strap it down. This will absorb vibration and create a much better fit for the road bike. You can cut the noodle to the size of the basket and zip tie the ends to the top of the basket on both the front and back. The maximum number of drop bar bikes that can be carried on our racks may be limited due to handle bar interference. The first and last positions also work great when using a mixture of bikes. Loosening the handle bar stem and spinning the bar parallel to the top tube will allow for much greater space.


I have a cruiser or bike with long fenders. Will it work with your rack?

The fenders on cruisers may come in contact with the basket, which can cause dings or damage to the fenders. To prevent this, some people choose to remove the fenders when using the basket. Others opt to place a soft padding between the fender and the basket to avoid any damage to the fenders. Some fenders do clear the baskets. However, without testing the individual bike, we can not determine clearance of your fender.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns or exchanges after 30 days.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your rack. However, we do ask that you sufficiently research our racks to ensure that the bike rack you choose is the correct setup for you before purchasing it. If you need to return the rack, please note:

  • You will need to pay for return shipping and any non-refundable credit card fees (usually around 3%).
  • If you assemble the rack and then decide to return it, we will need to re-powder coat the rack, and recondition as needed which costs $150 or more. This fee will be deducted from your refund once we inspect the returned rack.
  • If you have used the rack and then want to return it, you will be responsible for return shipping, credit card fees, the powder coat charge, and any replacement parts or labor that are needed to make the rack new again.
  • If a product cannot be reconditioned, and the return is within 30 days, then a MINIMUM 50% cost of the rack WILL be deducted from the total price of the rack at purchase. Along with an unconditionable rack, products we cannot recondition include, but are not limited to the Swinger or the Chiminea. In these cases, we either reject your return request, or best case scenario, refund up to 50% of the original cost. We reserve the right to reject any return based on damage or modifications.

However, our return rate is extremely low, and you may be able to sell the rack locally and get your money back. If you do decide to sell the rack, please send us an email with the new owner’s name and email so that we can transfer ownership to them. This will allow the new owner to purchase parts and upgrades easily.

At our business, we believe in treating our customers fairly, respectfully, and with empathy. We are a family-owned business, not a corporate giant. If you have a special circumstance or need assistance, please contact us.


I am not mechanically inclined. Is your rack the correct rack for me?

Our personal belief is that no one is born with inherent mechanical capabilities, and as humans, we learn trades and skills to better navigate life. With that said, we encourage you to watch our assembly videos and determine for yourself whether the assembly process is within your comfort level. Like any other mechanical product, our racks will require occasional maintenance and up keep. They are built to last a lifetime, but this can only be achieved if you take care of the product and follow our directions for maintanance.

I want to get a two-inch hitch installed on my vehicle. Any recommendations?

There are usually a few options available for every vehicle when it comes to installing a hitch. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Do it yourself: Order a class 3 rated 2-inch receiver with a 500 pound tongue weight (if possible) for your specific vehicle. We recommend checking out etrailer for the best selection, but be sure to shop around. Avoid purchasing anything that is recessed or hidden, as this may limit your clearance for many products and restrict what you can plug in to your reciever. The receiver face should be in line with your bumper or further out. Round tube receivers have much better torsional tolerances than square tube receivers and also have a higher tongue weight rating. Lastly, be sure to use Loctite when installing the receiver and check the bolts annually.
  2. Have it installed: Do an online search for hitch installation in your area and request the product mentioned above. If you’re located in Utah, we highly recommend PARDS.

Will you ever stop updating the products?

We constantly pursue perfection and are obsessed with the details of each of our products. We maintain a baseline system that is compatible with most of our products and accessories, ensuring that new features can be seamlessly integrated into your rack. Most of our efforts are focused on improving the manufacturing process and maintaining the high quality that is expected of ALTA. Ensuring quality is of the utmost importance to us, as we understand that you place your trust in us to safely transport your equipment. We take this responsibility and our ambition to create the best bike rack very seriously.

Can I pick up locally to save on shipping cost?

Absolutely. We are located in Murray, Utah, and offer a local pickup option once you add the product to your cart. Please note that all local pickups are subject to Utah sales tax. In most cases, shipping and taxes for racks are about the same. Additionally, we offer local pickup with assembly and installation for an additional fee. We operate on an appointment-only basis, which allows us to offer a personalized, no-rush experience to every customer. You can make an appointment to pick up an assembled rack through our contact page or through the calendly link that you will receive in your confirmation email after purchasing a rack from us.

What are the rack dimensions for height and offset?

Please reference our dimension document below:


Do I need two hitch parts when I order the Swinger?

As a new owner of the Swinger rack, you have two hitch options to choose from. The hitch is the part of the rack that inserts into the vehicle’s receiver and all our racks come with one.

If you only plan on using the Swinger with the rack, there is no need for the original hitch that comes with it. This is because the Swinger includes a short hitch. If you purchase the Swinger and rack together, we will only send you a short hitch.

However, if you plan on using the rack without the Swinger, you will need a regular (general) or the XL hitch, as the short hitch used by itself may obstruct access to the vehicle’s tailgate or rear doors.

What is your Basket and Rack Warranty

Our product warranty covers any manufacturing defects, such as broken welds, and other issues that may have arose during the production process. In the case of any warrantied items, we offer free shipping for one-year post-purchase. We rigorously test our product to find its limits, and we use our own products on a daily basis.

Our baskets are designed to be lightweight, which reduces the moment forces on the rack. Additionally, our baskets are designed to collapse in case of significant forces being applied to them, protecting the wheels in case of an accident. The low bar on our racks is also designed to save wheels by collapsing and pushing the rear wheel towards the vehicle in case of an accident.

There are several reasons why baskets can bend, including the weight of the bike and acceleration creating significant forces. To minimize movement, we engage the brakes on the bikes and use wheel chokes to ensure a snug fit. We also recommend E-bike straps for any bikes over 40+lbs, which help to relieve weight from the basket and transfer it to the top bar, preventing the baskets from bending. Loose connections at the receiver or pivot point of the rack can also cause movement and a whipping effect.

Uni-body vehicles may experience flexing of the frame, which translates to whipping motions as well. the retractable straps connected to the vehicle will alliviate this issue. See our videos on Unibody flex.
To reduce these movements, we recommend utilizing our retractable straps, low and wide, or high and wide. For Uni-body frame vehicles, tying to the roof rack, or high and wide, yields the best results, while low and wide works best for other vehicles. For vans, we recommend tying to the door hinges using a paracord loop to create a soft strap point. We have videos demonstrating these setups on our YouTube channel.

It is important that any movement in the rack is eliminated prior to use, as the rack is designed to produce very little movement. Bent baskets will not be covered under our warranty.