ALTA Superior 45ER 5 Pack

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Four or five pack E bike rack

Engineering and off-roading is what we do, creating top of the line no compromise solutions

Carry four or five bikes with ease, gusseting system and longer top and bottom bar allow for more spacing adjustment and better fit of bikes

Rack comes with most of our accessories and some new one, see description for details

Fully adjustable basket for perfect bike distancing to avoid bike rub and damage

You can change baskets in the drop down menu, select basket 1 and 2 for no additional charge change

Vertical post has many color options, the rest of the rack is black

custom powder coat available for all parts, typically 20 dollars per part for most colors and finishes

No custom work from April to September

Hand built in Utah USA.

We ship to US and Canada, and all military installation across the world

can easily be converted to a five pack rack, with a additional basket.


The full size ALTA superior model based on the General Purpose Rack(GPR) sizing. The ALTA superior 45ER is the rack that will carry four or five E bikes. Heavily tested and proven model that can withstand the harshest setups. Great for RVs, campers, 5th wheels, and other toy haulers. Come with the accessories that count and perform. Life time warranty.

Still one of the narrowest and lightest rack on the market. Rack is over 90 pounds.

XL hitch provides the perfect distance for Rear tailgate access and safety for back windows, the rack does not move if installed correctly, there is no play in the rack so windows on campers and RVs are safe

Dual gusseting system to support much heavier bikes and reduce flex during rough road driving.

Easily carries up to seven bikes, without the sacrifice of the interference between bikes. select extra basket for the seven pack version.

Fully adjustable baskets allow for perfect distances between the bikes. Set the desired distance between bikes for clearing handle bars and odd bikes.

We have tested this rack for over 18 months in the roughest conditions in Southern Utah.

Made for withstanding not just rough roads but rough suspensions on 5th wheels, Tow behinds, RVs, and other stiffer suspension vehicles. A peace of mind worth thousands of dollars and your last rack.

Designed with off-roading and rough-roading in mind, but gentle enough to protect your investment in the worst conditions.

Life time warranty with amazing customer service. Our reviews tell it all.

What is included with your rack?

  • Both internal and external stabilizers, internal stabilizer comes with a hitch bolt. Internal stabilizer is preinstalled. U lock and cable for locking is included, see video.
  • One OSP (Outer Safety Pin) is included
  • Two Voile tire straps per basket, one for front and one for the rear wheel
  • One per basket hand knob threaded with jam nut installed
  • Two brake engagers per basket
  • Two retractable straps
  • Two gear hangers
  • One E bike strap per basket
  • All the hardware required to assemble the rack
  • Gusseting system for the superior models
  • Videos page for assembly instruction

The rack can accommodate a fifth basket, it will be tight with six. Moving to DaSanchez would be ideal for six or more.

Our three step powder coat ensure long life, We sand blast all parts, Apply zinc primer, and the final outdoor rated color. Powder coat is warrantied for one year. Color shown is special run and regular colors apply once we sell out of these.

The ALTA SIX GPR will be upgradable to the Superior models

Cam Zink favorite rack

4 Pack- 87 Pounds

5 Pack- 91 Pounds

4 reviews for ALTA Superior 45ER 5 Pack

  1. AM

    Alan M. (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble and very well built.

  2. JB

    Jared Bangerter (verified owner)

  3. AM

    Arjunh Martinez (verified owner)

  4. BC

    Brad C. (verified owner)

    So sturdy, love the design of the superior! Ali personally reached out to me after my ratchet straps had been forgotten in the order. We covered off some particulars and all he wanted to make certain of was how quickly he could get them to me to make sure we were satisfied with out purchase. Continued customer service was top notch. I need to purchase another AR decal to my main upright bar! Pedals Struck too soon!

    When I was putting together my 4/5’er the only thing confusing in the assembly video was the extra holes in the new upright vertical bar i received, because of how i chose to assemble it for height the lower cross channel did not line up properly and i had to back up in order the get upright bar and two cross bars in proper spots so that the gussets lined up where they needed to be at the bottom of the vertical bar. Ali mentions something briefly in the video I believe, but that was a bit of a headache…..

    Image #1 from Brad C.
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