ALTA Wheel Choke: Mid Fat Tire Addon


Limit of 6

Lock in the front wheels that are smaller than 29ers

applies the perfect pressure to keep the bike forward in the basket

Machined aircraft grade Aluminum

recessed on one side and threaded on the other

Create the perfect fit for your front wheel, and get the perfect ride with your bike

Reduces fatigue on the basket, and reduces sway building forces

compatible with all GEN baskets

Currently available for General baskets only


The ALTA wheel choke creates the perfect space for you front wheel, by locking it forward in the baskets, the weight distribution is controlled and handle bar management becomes easier between smaller and larger bikes. its all about getting the perfect fit in the smallest package, creating a secure ride for your bikes.

  • Aircraft grade Aluminum machined to specific size and fit
  • recessed bolt head to protect tire from rubbing
  • can create perfect fit, for road bikes, 24, 26, and 27.5 inch front wheel
  • threaded side for secure fit
  • Uses 4 mm tool, common tool in the multi tools.
  • easily removed
  • comes with sticker to apply on basket for protection
  • Highly recommended for E bikes for better carry balance
  • Greatly reduces vertical forces and balances the rack
  • This is part of our continued effort towards making the perfect system
  • General baskets only


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