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Request additional baskets for your rack by filling out the form below. Baskets are available only to those who own one of our racks and are not available to purchase from us otherwise. For those who have purchased our racks from a third party, please include a picture of your rack below so we can verify the version.

Note that HD baskets are weight rated only for our Alta Superior racks.

Each basket is individually priced and the total plus tax and shipping will be included in an invoice sent to your provided email after the rack has been verified. Please include a message in the following form if you have any further questions.


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    All of our baskets are designed to accommodate different tire widths, rather than wheel sizes. However, all of our current baskets can fit the same wheel sizes, ranging from 20-inch BMX bikes (although the GROM/Mid-GROM baskets are best suited for this size) to 29ers plus.

    We offer five different basket options:

    • General basket: Fits tire widths from road bikes up to 2.8 inches
    • Mid-Fat basket: Fits tire widths from 2.9 to 3.8 inches
    • Fat basket: Fits tire widths from 3.9 to 5.8 inches
    • GROM basket: Fits bikes up to 2.8 inches wide, and is intended for 18- and 20-inch wheel kid bikes only.
    • Mid-GROM basket:  Fits bikes up to 3.8 inches wide, and is intended for 18- and 20-inch wheel kid bikes only.
      • Please note, for the GROM and Mid-GROM, that depending on bike length, the bike may not reach the bottom bar without a 34-inch axle to axle measurement, or strapping of the lower wheel to the center post. This basket is perfect for BMX bikes. Some 20-inch bikes may fit in the general basket, although not all will. General question we get: Can I fit my 20 inch or 18 inch bike in the general basket and make it work? In most cases you can; however, if you are fitting a lot of bikes on the rack the exact fit baskets will only help in manging bike spacing. With smaller bikes in larger baskets there will always be a little more play and the lean angle may be affected.

    Regarding tire width, we offer three width options: up to 2.8 inches wide for the General and GROM baskets, 2.9 to 3.8 inches wide for the Mid-Fat and Mid-GROM baskets, and 3.9 to 5.8 inches wide for the Fat baskets. When choosing your basket, select the combination that best suits your needs. You can always purchase other basket sizes at a later time. If your tire width falls at the upper end of the measurement, we recommend ordering the next size up. For example, 2.9- and 3.0-inch-wide tires will fit better in the Midfat baskets.

    For 24- and 26-inch wheels, we recommend using the wheel choke to achieve an exact fit. The wheel choke reduces the length of the basket and positions the front wheel of the bike correctly. Wheel chokes are available for all of our baskets. For example, if you have a 24-inch wheel bike with a 3-inch wide tire, we recommend purchasing the Mid-Fat basket and Mid-Fat wheel choke.

    For road bikes, we recommend using the General basket and using a pool noodle for protection. To do this, take a hollow pool noodle and slice it lengthwise. Sandwich the front wheel into it, then place it in the basket and use the tire strap to secure it.


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