Best receiver hitch bike racks for 2023

The bike rack industry has come a long way since the days of limited color options and suboptimal solutions. Brands like Alta racks has had a significant impact on the industry and forced competitors to up their game. However, ALTA racks continues tp take things to the next level with its adjustable and modular designs. The ability to convert a 3 pack bike rack into a 7 pack bike rack with just a few added parts is ahead of its time.

In the competitive market of bike racks, it’s not just about the product but the experience. Swagman is another leading brand in the industry, known for its easy-to-use and lightweight racks. Saris has made a name for itself with its innovative bike storage solutions that cater to every bike enthusiast’s needs. Even car manufacturers like Ford have jumped into the market with a sleek and durable bike rack option. But these brands fall short in durability and adaptability to the new bikes, especially ebikes and racks for ebikes, and kid bikes. At ALTA racks we believe by using adjustability and modularity in design we can create a better bike rack and build products that will last multi life times. What does that mean, it means you’ll pass down the rack to your kids. One of our biggest features is the ability for rack to be converted to another version by just adding or deducting parts. Companies like Velocirax and Yakima hangover have tried to create a similar solution but fail at the performance level, we think this is due to lack of interest of the companies in the actual activities. Simply said, they don’t use their own products. Probably because they don’t ride bikes. It points to the fact that they are in this business because of profits and not service to the community or creating solution to serve our peers.

At the end of the day, investing in a high-quality and reliable bike rack will not only provide a better experience but will protect the value of your bikes. We have seen other racks on the roads and you may be happy with what you have now, but if you are not happy with the performance of your current bike rack or need to grow the capacity and add new features check our shop page and our offering. We utilize the latest technology to build some of the most advanced products in our industry.

We admit it we are biased, but we do keep an objective eye on the industry and its path towards better products.  In the past the bike rack industry forced you into a single color option and single solution options that were not always optimal and in most cases damaged your bikes. As the prices of bike has risen significantly and a resale market that is vibrant and alive we have to rethink those damages from bike racks as potential money lost. So you may save a couple of bucks buying the lower price product due to amazing marketing, but the experience of a bad product last much longer than the thrill of saving money. TO make it worst that damage will be repeatable every year with every new bike, so the loss in value can add up over time to be more than what you paid for the rack and then some. We simply make the best bike racks in the market for 2023 and will continue to do so for the following years.




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