The price wars of racks,

At least that is what they are wanting you to believe. Looks the same on paper, and they are hundreds of dollars less. How could this possibly be not a good deal.That is because quality has a cost, it also has a benefit of longevity and consistent performance. Our goal is to continuously improve the product line, add accessories and build a better widget at every turn. Competition can produce something that looks similar, and they will spend the money on marketing and shows to tell you that they are. Yet, its not the same.

We are seeing this in the upright and vertical bike rack market, companies that claim that they have the better product primarily based on price. Would you consider a big box bicycle the same as a high-end bike? Would you dare hit that jump. Then why would you carry your precious cargo on something that is marginal at best. What is the weight of their rack, maybe if the rack didn’t weigh a 100 pounds or more, then you wouldn’t need the lift assist? Its easy to build a heavy bike rack, yet to build the lightest and strongest rack on the market takes years of engineering. To build something that is designed to last a life time, it takes understanding tolerances and includes the high cost of building precision in to that product. That’s what we do here, we design, model, test and repeat until satisfied that, product will meet the set requirements to perform per specification.

Ask the following questions?

As the companies cut prices, do they consider the long game of staying in business long enough to serve their customers. If something goes wrong will they answer the phone. Do they even post a number on their web site? If you can’t talk with them before the sale, I wonder if we can get a hold of them if there are any issues.

In manufacturing there are many ways of cutting price, it all start with cutting corners, using mediocre steel or other building material, using labor overseas in countries that have no environmental laws or labor laws. Every inch of weld cost a certain amount of money, we got over 8 feet of it on our racks.

Notice how the rack companies are challenged when it comes to not restricting access to your vehicle. Those are the details that we don’t take for granted.