Complete Stabilizer System Addon


  • This stabilizer is included with your rack purchase, it is meant for older model rack owners updating their system
  • Solid steel construction and zinc plating ensure a life long performance, includes all grade 8 hardware
  • Three thread location for ultimate adjustability for distance of the rack from the vehicle
  • Internal stabilizer block uses a included 5/8 inch bolt and locking washer, stops all horizontal movements
  • External stabilizer stops all vertical movement, low profile and easy to assemble with a single 3/8 bolt
  • combined system provides the most bomber stabilization for a worry free, and movement free rack
  • Comes with every rack

Introducing our new stabilization system. As of November 2020 the racks will be shipped out with these parts. This system will be part of your rack, this page is for existing owners of ALTA wanting to upgrade their system.

Stabilizer is also included with our ALTA extender system

External stabilizer is designed for a 2 inch receiver. For 2.5 inch receivers place a comment in the notes that you would like an external stabilizer for a 2.5 inch receiver instead. The 2.5 inch external stabilizer is compatible with the 2 inch receivers as well.

The two part system addresses issues where most other stabilization systems fail.The internal stabilizer covers over 90 percent of the movement reduction, and at the same time providing three mounting position for the rack. The internal stabilizer includes a 5/8 bolt with a locking washer. The external stabilization eliminates the remaining movement which is mostly vertical.

Zinc plated parts are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, and use of generic hardware ensures replacement parts are easily found.

Solid steel for ensuring long life, made in the USA.

These products are custom made for our racks, and will not work with other bike racks.

Made in Utah, USA


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