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In the world of engineering and management, there’s a popular saying: “the last 20 percent of the job will cost you 80 percent of your budget.” This rule, also known as the 80/20 rule, applies to time, materials, and money. It emphasizes the importance of getting the design right in the early stages, as small decisions can make a significant impact on performance criteria.

As a result of this principle, we are seeing an increase in copycats in the market. However, as Mark Cuban has pointed out, there are three types of people in business: innovators, imitators, and idiots. The key question we should ask ourselves as consumers is not just the price, but also the longevity and performance of the product we’re purchasing. This is especially true when we consider that, in the end, we often end up paying more for a lower-quality experience. It’s essential to learn from our past mistakes and prioritize quality over cost.

At Alta Racks, we take pride in building our bike racks in the USA to ensure the highest possible quality. Each rack is inspected, cleaned, and assembled to ensure a seamless transition of ownership. Unfortunately, some American companies will take their designs and processes overseas to bypass labor and environmental laws, leading to lower-quality products.

As American consumers, we must do some soul-searching and support companies that prioritize quality and sustainability. At Alta Racks, we take our lifetime warranty offer seriously and have approved our racks for use on RVs and other vehicles, which most other rack companies do not approve. We did this by spending the necessary time, material, and money on the last 20 percent of the job, ensuring that our product is the best in its category.

Our goal is to be part of a movement that reduces the need to throw away products and promotes sustainability. As we navigate through these challenging times, we encourage you to practice social distancing.

Now go and be quarantined.