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In Engineering and management there is a saying. Last 20 percent of the job will cost you 80 percent of your budget the (80/20 rule). That’s time, material, and money. This idea which I can personally attest to, comes from the factor of how well your design worked or not worked. Did you get the tolerances right, which drives the endurance expectation over time. This is huge in design, and engineering because, very small decisions early on in the design process can produce very large good or bad performance criteria.

We are seeing a growth in copycats. Per Mark Cuban, there are three types of people in business, the innovators, the imitators, and the idiots. Why you should care, is because we sometimes make decision based on the price and not answering the questions, how long do I want to own this product? What should my expectation of life be for what I am purchasing? In the end most times we will end up paying more, with not so great experience. I guess this is wisdom that comes from buying crappy products.

We build in the USA to ensure quality of our bike racks are at the highest possible. Each rack is inspected, cleaned, and assembled if need be to ensure seamless transition of ownership. There are American companies that will take your hard earned design and process to overseas, bypass labor laws, by pass environmental laws, and provide what seams as a similar product. We as American consumers need a deep sole searching once and for all.

Alta Racks doesn’t take the Life time warranty offer lightly. We didn’t just approve our racks for RVs and other vehicles knowing that most other rack companies do not approve such use. Because we spent the 80 percent on the last 20 percent. To make sure you are getting the best product in its category. We hope to be part of the movement with the goal of reducing the need to throw away stuff. Now go and be quarantined.

We hope you distantly socialize.