ALTA Superior bike racks are the perfect solution for ebikes

ALTA racks is the leader in engineered solution for carrying bikes and other toys. The concept behind our system is general capability that bring additional value to the operator. We provide unmatched capability and solutions for real life products. We use our own products on daily basis, and continually look to further enhance our systems with additional capabilities and features that provide life time of value and performance.

Our unmatched adjustable baskets and hitch clearance both vertically and horizontally provide features that solve real life challenges. From the freedom to drop your truck tailgate to opening the double barn doors on your van with bikes on, these are just some of the features and capabilities that we offer.

The ALTA Superior line up takes the capabilities to the next level, fully capable to carry up to six E bikes with max bike weight of 60 pounds. Providing a 300 pound max weight carry system with the DaSanchez model, that is unmatched in the industry. The superior racks have been designed to provide a super stiff platform that supports the weight of E bikes and heavier bikes such DH bikes. Our E bike or weight relief straps relief the pressure from the basket and create a perfect balancing system shifting the weight of the bike to the top bar rather than the basket. The gusseting system enhances an already capable rack that is unmatched. Top that with our awesome and fast response life time warranty and you will pass this rack to the next generation.

The EQuattro bike rack brings a unique approach to a four bike rack carrier. Fully capable of carrying E bikes up to 60 pounds totaling a 240 pounds max weight system. The rack is driver side centric with means most of the bikes will be on the driver side, this is a great feature for van with double barn doors, the primary door or passenger door can be accessed without needing to extend the rack. You will also get partial access to the driver side door when the rack is leaned back. These products can be viewed on our website

We will continue our pursuit towards perfection, even that we know we will never get there. We build our products 100 percent in USA, we use American steel as much as we can and utilize a very small foot print for our area of operation. We use reusable padding to transport our parts which reduces the use of foam sheets by 500 pounds on an annual basis. Hand built in Utah and proud of it.