Got E-bikes,

Are you ready to take your e-biking game to the next level? Look no further than Alta Racks. With e-bikes becoming more and more popular, we knew it was time to step up our game and create a rack that could handle the extra weight. And after rigorous testing, we’re proud to announce that our new basket design is ready to roll!

We put our baskets to the test with a 55-pound e-bike, driving on various roads and even light off-roading. The results? Our baskets performed flawlessly. But we didn’t stop there – we repeated the test with a 60-pound e-bike, with the same impressive results.

We’re now working on a system that can carry up to four e-bikes. This heavier-duty rack will be designed specifically for those who need to transport multiple e-bikes on a regular basis.

For those who only need to carry a couple of e-bikes, we’ve got you covered too. Our add-on baskets can be purchased and attached to our standard rack, but we limit these to two per customer to keep costs down. And if you have any questions about our racks or products, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

As e-bikes continue to evolve and become lighter, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the weight limits of our racks. And while some e-bikes may still be on the heavier side for now, we encourage you to check out consumer reports and find a lighter e-bike if you can afford it.

At Alta Racks, we’re committed to providing solutions for all your biking needs. Our e-racks are optimized for heavy-duty performance, so you can transport your e-bikes with ease and confidence.