Got E-bikes,

E bikes are quickly becoming the norm, in Europe majority of bikes sold now are E-bikes. We fully anticipated the need for a more robust rack to handle the additional weight. We have been testing the new system and it has been very successful. We currently plan to introduce the new basket design and other improvement in the next month or two.

The first test was with an E-bike that weighed 55 pounds, we drove on various roads and surfaces. Some light off-roading was included, the baskets performed well.

The next bike was 60 pounds and with similar test the results were also similar, the tests were repeated multiple times and no sign of stress or wear and tear was present.

We envision a new rack that is engineered to carry four E-bikes. This system would be a little heavier and be able to carry harsher duties with heavier bikes.

For people that want to carry couple of E-Bikes, the add on basket can be purchased. We will limit these baskets to two per customer. We do this to keep down the cost of the rack that can be used for non E-bikes and up to two E-bikes. We found that exceeding two E-Bikes on the current rack, will interfere with the correct operation of the rack. You can always just give us a call if you got any other questions. We place all our product releases on our YouTube channel.

The way it looks the best ebikes, meaning 2019 ebikes are getting lighter. So our max number of ebikes for the bike rack may change, and is dependent on the weight of the bikes. There are some ebikes like, the ebike moped styles, Yamaha electric bike japan, Schwin Monroe, utility bikes, and most electric bikes from Walmart will be on the heavy side for the time to come. The message here check consumer reports ebikes report, and find a nice light one if you can afford it.

Alta Racks is dedicated to providing solution and our E-rack will be optimized for duty heavy performance. We want to keep the experience the same if not better.