leftyOur rack work for variety of vans, the Ford transit van is a very capable van that presents unique challanges wit hits wider than Sprinter rear doors and lower receiver height. Here is a typical email we receive in regards to such veicles. Thias customer already owns one of our racks, and wants to increase capacity and capbility. One of the benefits of our systems is the ability to convert to other racks to increase features and capabilities.

Hello, I have a GPR i use for 6 bikes.  I have a bike trip coming up a the end of August in my Ford Transit Van with 6 guys.  We’ll have 6 mountain bikes, two of which are e-mountain bikes.  I am interested in upgrading the rack and also the Swinger.  Please let me know your advice on what is the best set up from Alta.  I really want a secure set up as we will be driving on fire roads, etc and don’t want the bikes bouncing around.  The swinger is also important because want to swing bikes to side to have full access to rear doors in Transit.  I have been using a Kuat swinger (pivot)  prior.

Assuming the have the latest Gen hitch, then you can purchase the Dasanchez upgrade kit, enough E bike straps for the e bikes (60 pound weight limit), retractable straps and six inch kick out.

You can do this two ways,

You rack with XL hitch and the six inch kick out will clear your doors when leaned back, secure the rack via retractable straps to the door hinges of the van using paracord. We found that on the transits the six inch kick out help quit a bit by pushing the rear wheels up and out gaining better ground clearance.

The other is get the Swinger which comes with a short hitch, Dasanchez upgrade kit, six inch kick out, and other straps as described above.

We do not recommend using our rack on other swing systems, as most swing products are not designed for vertical racks.