As an aerospace engineer who worked with border patrol and various other services, I learned about the challenges of high frequency vibration on equipment while driving on washboard roads. This type of road surface can destroy anything that is not secured properly. It creates a resonance frequency that travels through the entire vehicle and anything attached to it, breaking bolts, bending steel, and destroying plastic. So when we set out to design our bike rack, we made sure to prioritize securing the bikes without contact to the frame and minimizing the force of gravity on them. We also had to consider the correct lean angle for the front wheel to ensure minimal pressure on the hub and prevent transferring vibration through the bikes and back to the vehicle.

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Many other companies have created racks that carry bikes by attaching to the body of the bike, such as hanging from the handlebars, fork crown, stem, or even inside the rim. However, we have found this approach to be problematic as it can cause stress on the handlebars and stems, especially for carbon parts. Plus, hanging the bike from the fork crown or handlebars puts the entire weight of the bike on one point, which can damage the bike over time.

One of the latest vertical bike racks on the market is the Yakima HangOver, but it hangs bikes from the fork crown on one side, which puts the weight of the bike on the stem and front suspension sideways. This type of rack is also not suitable for kid bikes or non-suspension bikes. At ALTA racks, we focus on engineering and designing our products to last a lifetime with minimal plastic parts and no contact with the bike frame. Our bike racks are designed to withstand high frequency vibration and to ensure the longevity of the bikes they carry. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our products, making them an excellent value for your investment.

As bike prices continue to rise, it’s important to choose a high-quality bike rack that will protect your investment. At ALTA RACKS, we are committed to providing the best bike racks on the market and proving through objective analysis why our products are superior to any other out there. So get out there and play with confidence, knowing your bikes are safely secured with ALTA RACKS.