Carrying bikes on the vehicle, is almost always a after though in the beginning. As the price of the bikes rise, the concern with damage caused by not yourself rises as well. What is the best hitch rack for the money. Consider the over all cost, and the negative effect to the resale value the a not well design bike rack create.

Companies like yakima bike rack, saris bike rack, kuat bike rack, thule bike rack, and others have been around and dominate much of the market. Our goal was to build a product, geared towards bicycle owners that wanted to preserve their bike condition, and have a peace of mind while transporting large number of bikes.

Finally, being able to adapt the bike rack in to a freestanding vertical bike rack is major plus for the operator. Again, another after though. Storing the bikes and the bike rack. It just makes sense for the rack to be the storage as well, but it needs to be mobile.

Alta Racks has created solution that solve real problems with ease.

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