When it comes to carrying bikes on a vehicle, the focus is often on the bikes themselves, rather than the rack that carries them. However, as bikes become more expensive, there’s a growing concern about damage caused by poorly-designed bike racks. This is where Alta Racks comes in – our goal is to provide a high-quality product that preserves your bike’s condition and gives you peace of mind while transporting multiple bikes.

While companies like Yakima, Saris, Kuat, Thule, and others dominate the market, our bike rack is specifically designed for bicycle owners who prioritize bike preservation. We understand that the overall cost and negative impact on resale value are important considerations when choosing a bike rack, and our product aims to solve these issues.

In addition, our bike rack can be adapted into a freestanding vertical bike rack – a feature that is often an afterthought for other companies. We believe that the bike rack should also serve as a storage solution, and our mobile design makes it easy to use and transport.

At Alta Racks, we’ve created a solution that addresses real problems with ease, so you can focus on enjoying your ride without worrying about your bike’s safety.


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