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ALTA SIX GPR – Four, Five, or Six Pack

I had the honor of working on projects that involved installing sensitive electronic equipment in trucks and SUVs for extreme off-road use (no trails). After the design and approval process, we spent over six months perfecting the system to provide seamless operation in the harshest environments. Through numerous similar projects, I gained valuable experience that cemented the idea that any product can be built to last; it’s about the initial design details and requirements, the level of engineering spent to simulate the product before even building the first prototype, and rigorous real-life testing. Utah is probably at the top of the list when it comes to bike racks.

The ALTA SIX GPR is based on the concept of Seal Team Six. We wanted to create a system that was tactical, adaptable, and versatile. Our approach was to build a General-Purpose Rack (GPR) that can be converted to different uses without compromise. This is not a multipurpose rack. We start with a solid structure that can carry heavy weight and is balanced. The GPR system is one size, which allows the user to upgrade their rack from a four-pack to a five- or six-pack by simply adding baskets. It is light and meticulously designed. By adding baskets, we create different carry racks.

We are constantly striving to improve our products as bikes and user behavior evolves. That’s why we intend to release new products and improve existing product capabilities as long as we exist.

Lastly, building locally allows us to maintain tight quality control. Most companies don’t even see the final product prior to packaging, which is done in factories overseas. Our lifetime manufacturing warranty is backed by solid partners that have been in business for over 30 years. What kind of warranty can you expect from an overseas manufacturer?

Thank you