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This is Ali from Alta Racks. I wanted to inform you that we will be having our annual sale for junior development programs and teams this year in February. This sale will include our 4, 5, and six pack racks. In addition the Mobile floor stand, and our retractable straps will also be on sale. We build our products in Utah USA. We use American steel and parts to build our products, and have a very small foot print in our manufacturing process. We are family owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on the engineering that goes in to building our products. We love NICA, more kids on bikes, racing teams, and other organization that strive to bring communities together and put more kids on bikes. We also love the outdoors and want protect for future generations. We aim to reduce our foot print and become one of the greenest products in our industry. You may find lower price racks thru your organization, but the quality and the dedication we put in to our products are matched by none. We build a higher quality systems, and back it with a Life time warranty. Please see our blog post and other reviews for the proof.

The price for our racks are

Six pack sales price 1020 plus 80 dollars shipping.

Five pack sales price 920 plus 80 dollars shipping.

Four pack sales price 820 plus 80 dollars shipping.

Mobile floor stand sales price 299 Free shipping

Retractable straps 49 dollars free shipping with rack purchase

Higher quantity purchases of 3 or more racks can see further reduced prices.

Price reduced by 20 dollars for bank transfer payments.

Local pickup available.

We plan on running the sale from February 1st thru the 30th.

We do require a proof of NICA, team membership, or 501C proof from each purchaser, or other team membership.

Instruction to purchase rack,

Please send email to

Name, address, phone number, attach a proof of membership to the email.

Which rack would you like? What color (we may not have all colors in stock, select up to three choices for colors)

Which accessories would you like?

You can call or email us with any question,

subject junior development and team sale



After the sale is over. If you are interested in listing our racks on your website, we would donate portion of each sale that is directed by your site to your organization indefinitely.