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Lets start a brand, outsource it to overseas where the laws are non existing, and governments are corrupt, use the slave labor to build your product and maximize your profit. Out sight, and out of mind, right? We’ll hire some athletes to represent us and talk about the struggle, do fancy moves with our stuff, and promote it. we will spend ton of money on marketing and tell the people that it can’t be done here, it’s impossible to manufacture anything in the USA. We already moved the factories, and the knowledge. It’s too late. It is still American because, we though about in America, or we do final assembly here, or we are just couple of guys in a garage that came up with this idea (copy). We keep hearing that we are declining nation.

Not the case what so ever. These are deceptive practices by companies trying to hide their greed, it has been the road map of companies in the past 30 years. Gutting America, taking the factories physically to overseas locations, giving all IP to host nations, to pay the CEO millions and making the shareholders richer. That is not capitalism, there is no value being added to our society, we are not spreading democracy. The taxes that otherwise would have been used for roads, schools, building better infrastructure are not being paid. Income disparity is at its peak, with an entire generation lost to high home values, and lack of upward mobility.  This experiment has failed and the few got incredibility wealthy, while entire states became rust belts. Crime rose, poverty is the norm. Why don’t they reverse the process just like they did 30 years ago? Pack it up and bring it back.

Yes, bring it back, just like you moved it out. Its possible to manufacture in the USA, and we are doing it. We pay living wages, treat our workers with respect and honor them. We pay taxes that go right in to our own community. What you don’t see is the burden of these missing funds are just passed back to us. We take less profit and that is OK. We need to be self sufficient again as a country, its not about isolationism its about being able to take care of your own people. Its about having pride in this great experiment we call America. We might not be perfect, but we strive to be better, we believe in fairness, we believe in freedom of speech. Things that are not practiced in other places.

I’ve been told that is like the kettle calling the pot black. If you ride a bike that is made overseas then you are just as guilty and the companies should take their product manufacturing to the lowest cost place. Shark Tank was all about this. Our own greed is killing us. I disagree, we must make a difference and show even at the smallest level that we can decide not to buy these products when alternative that are better quality and use higher standards are available, you will pay more but that is part of breaking the addiction.  Not voicing concerns to these companies and continue supporting them will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Some may not see it but this is a fight for survival, it’s a fight for our future generations, and our way of life. Freedom changes in a heartbeat, and I already witnessed it once. You may think it is the way it is, but you still have a choice. The choice to vote with your wallet and support USA manufacturing.

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