ALTA Basket Case


Single basket holder for the ALTA racks baskets,

Fits any basket size

Organize your pack, helmet and shoes including your bike all in a single location

Great for kid bikes, for the riding season for quick access and keeping the gear together

Perfect if you are using your rack for snow season and want to store bikes using the baskets

Mount it anywhere and enjoy quick access

Requires understanding on locating a stud in the wall and screwing in to it

Does not come with screws or basket

ALTA basket case is a single basket holder made from Steel and powder coated for durability

It also provides hanging location for helmets, packs and shoes

Organizing the bike and gear in one spot

Install at any height

Requires understanding of how to find a stud in the wall and screw in to it, tools recommended (stud finder, drill, bit)

Identify stud, level the basket case on the stud, mark the hole spots, pre drill holes, and mount the Basket Case to the wall using the holes in the stud and wood screws

Wood screw not included,

Does not include basket

We can package up to two of these in one box, for 20 dollar shipping


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