ALTA basket knob(single)


  • $10 shipping
  • One order gets you one knob, $10 shipping for up to six knobs
  • Hand knobs for our front wheel baskets
  • 3/8-16 thread, one inch stud, multi star knob

Fits all version of the rack baskets

Fits general, midfat, and fat tire baskets

includes black zinc plate jam nut

Use jam nut to avoid losing knob during travel, see our videos page


Basket knob for the ALTA racks baskets

You get one per order, limit six

Fits all baskets for the ALTA Racks bike racks

Includes black zinc plated jam nut

See videos for Jam nut use, and avoid losing your knobs

Apply anti seize on the threads prior to installing

In a pinch the thread size is 3/8-16, find bolts for at your local hardware store in case you lose a knob on a trip


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