ALTA GPR (Four Pack)

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The ALTA SIX GPR (four pack) utilizes the same rack structure as the five pack and the six pack. Making it super easy to grow the rack by just adding baskets. The rack will include four baskets, and is compatible with all of our accessories. If you need Mid fat baskets, select the non standard (mid fat) baskets first and second option which are free for change. Please pick your desired color in the swatch below, or add it to the notes at check out. You can also save on shipping on add on items, if you purchase them with the rack. Mobile stand is sold separately.

  • Highly Engineered basket  and rack design, ensures contact to the tires only, we use up to 8 feet of weld on every rack, to ensure a life time product.
  • Made in the USA, forged in Utah.
  • Four options available for baskets.
    • General basket fits from road bikes to 2.8 inches wide tires
    • Midfat basket fits from 2.9 inches wide to 3.8 inches wide tires
    • Fat basket fits from 3.9 inches wide to 5.8 inches wide tires
    • Grom basket will fit 18- and 20-inch kid bikes only, but bikes may not reach the bottom bar depending on length. 34-inch axle to axle to reach bottom bar, or strap lower wheel to center post. Max tire width is 2.8 inches, can run wider with tire deflated. perfect for BMX bikes.
  • Tire width- Three width available for tires, up to 2.8 inches wide (General basket), 2.9 to 3.8 inches wide (Mid Fat basket), and up to 3.9 to 5.8 inches wide (Fat baskets). Select your combination. You can always purchase other basket sizes at a later time. If you tire width is on the upper end of the measurement, order the next size up. For example, 2.9- and 3.0-inch-wide tires will fit better in the Mid fat baskets.
    • We used a 20-inch BMX for this fitting, some 20-inch bikes may not fit. Bike used for 20-inch fitting has 34-inch axle to axle.
  • Current General baskets and Fat bike baskets are rated up to 50 pounds, Mid fat baskets are rated to 50 pounds.
  • Do not exceed max limit weight, not even by a pound. A ten percent below max weight is a good rule to follow.
  • Off road and rough road driving exasperates forces on rack significantly, strapping and brake engagements are key to create a stable system.
  • Max two E bike per rack. Loaded around center beam.
  • RV rated, Strapping system is 100 percent required for RVs, longer XL vehicle (Sprinters, and similar vehicles) and anything with stiff rear suspension. See off-roading videos for setup.
    • tie down from end of top bar to wide and high or low location. Ensure the straps are taught and the weight of the rack is pulled forward.
  • For trucks select the XL Hitch for clearing tailgates, on new Ford, Dodge, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tundra trucks. Tacoma works with regular hitch
  • sliding baskets- creating the perfect space and clearance for your handle bars .
  • Adjustable rear wheel strap location for best pedal clearance.
  • From kid bikes to adult bikes -Vertically adjustable horizontal bar creates the right separation for your specific needs, three height adjustments available.
  • perfectly angled for dips in the road and off-road drops. 19 inches clearance from your hitch and the perfect amount of rise.
  • Off-road Upper horizontal bar Tie down points, connect the rack directly to the vehicle to create 3 sided super stable for rough roads and long travel.
  • Slam latch, super secure latch system creates a quick and easy locking and unlocking process for lowering the bikes and locking them in to position.
  • Outer Safety Pin(OSP) for secondary security.
  • Bike brake engagement for solid ride
  • Security -locking loop welded to rack-for securing the bikes to the frame of the rack and vehicle
  • We do not recommend using the racks on current swing out in the market, they all create major play and do not provide a way to tighten the rack. You will bend the baskets.
  • Triple safety in everything we do, Outer Safety Pin(OSP) allow for one handed operation for lower the rack for better loading and unloading process
    • Clearing back tailgates, mini van doors, and SUV back hatches.
    • Product tested rigorously and continues thru simulation and real life testing
  • Optional repair stand interface easily integrated in to the rack
  • Hitch mount with both Internal and external anti-sway system,is included with your purchase. It eliminates all unwanted movement in the rack.
  • Use of generic Hardware, such as bolts and nuts. No proprietary products. We won’t charge you 30 dollars for a bolt. Find replacements in your local hardware store, or buy directly from us.
  • Powder coated, we use a three-step powder coat process to ensure longevity. Sand blast, Zinc primer, and outdoor rated powder coat.
    • Pick your own color combination, match your vehicle, or powder coat in your favorite team colors.
      • Contact us for more information.
  • Life Time manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects, and Life time support. We build the ALTA SIX GPR in a way that all parts can be replaced in the case of damage.
  • Existing operators get crash replacement pricing.
  • What is included with your rack?
    • Both internal and external stabilizers, internal stabilizer comes with a short hitch bolt. Internal stabilizer is preinstalled. Locking hitch bolt is not included.
    • One OSP (Outer Safety Pin) is included
    • Two Voile tire straps per basket, one for front and one for the rear wheel
    • One per basket hand knob threaded with jam nut installed
    • Two brake engagers per basket
    • All the hardware required to assemble the rack

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Cherry Red, Orange, Silver with White Vein, Black with Silver Vein, Black

69 reviews for ALTA GPR (Four Pack)

  1. Annie Mueller (verified owner)

  2. Dan C. (verified owner)

    This rack is everything that I was looking for and more in a new rack. No more lifting the bikes onto the top of the car which would be a real pain with our second vehicle. The bikes are extremely secure in the cradles which is super important having had racks that weren’t this way. I really like that I can carry a variety of bikes as well. The build on this seems to be pretty bomb proof which is nice. Working with Ali was a pleasure. Oh, and the Silver Vein finish is absolutely killer!

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks you so much Dan. Awesome to hear you like the color, and the rack. Silver Vein is really nice.

  3. Tanton Jeppson (verified owner)

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    Look no further… this thing is rad! A bit spendy for sure, but it will last the rest of your pedaling life. It is super sturdy and has zero wobble around corners and over bumps. I did splurge for deluxe the tie-downs, and they definitely make it bomb proof.

  5. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Great product. Super sturdy construction. Perfect carrying system that won’t damage your bike.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thank you and hope you enjoy the rack for years to come

  6. Jason Sebelin (verified owner)

    After having two bikes damaged with a different rack, I decided to bite the bullet and get this one. This rack is amazing! My bikes have had zero movement, and you can see them in the rear view. Again, no movement to contact!!! Grabs attention where ever we go. I wish I would have learned about this one several years ago before I purchased that other brand. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks guys!!

  7. Jeb Rucks (verified owner)

    Excellent rack and excellent buying expierence.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thank you for your comment Jeb.

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    After owning 5 different top rated racks, the best lasting 5 years before problems, I tried Alta, best rack yet. There is a very short learning curve for lifting your bike up and slotting into wheel cradle which is angled and requires control of front wheel while lifting. The 4 bike rack does not stick out farther than the side of my Jeep thus avoiding wheel spray from hitting bikes. No scraping slush and ice off wheels at trailhead.
    Bikes stay much cleaner than horizontal hitch rack. Construction and design are for a lifetime. Assembly very easy and NO PLASTIC to break. Thanks Alta, finally a long lasting, easy to use, bike rack for everyday use, that protects the bike, and won’t fall apart or break. Well done.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Robert, So stoked to hear you are loving the rack.

  9. Brett C. (verified owner)

    Excellent rack. Very sturdy and rides well. It was everything we hoped it would be and more. Would definitely buy from Alta racks again.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thank you Brett, We are so glad our product meets your expectation.

  10. Kimberly (verified owner)

    The ease of loading and unloading, along with the versatility is what sold me on this rack. While I haven’t had it completely full yet, this rack is built solid and we have not experienced the swaying and movement like we have in other racks. Ali was easy to work with and always quick to answer a question or provide more information.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thank you Kimberly, Just treating other the way we would like to be treated. So glad the rack is meeting your expectation, hope to serve you for years to come.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This thing is a beast. It is built like a tank. I think the only thing I would request is that the hitch stabilizer be powder coated like the rest of it. Currently it is just bare metal. Bikes fit great and I can drop my tailgate without touching the bike rack which is a huge plus.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks for the comment, the stabilizer is zinc plated and wont rust. Happy shredding.

  12. Kenny Grant (verified owner)

    Awesome bike rack, I did months of research and after looking g at all the other vertical bike racks I’m super stoked on my Alta Rack. Great customer service, Ali is a great hard working dude and it shows in work.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Kenny,
      Super stoked on your positive experience. Shred on.

  13. Shawn D. (verified owner)

    The rack is well built and engineered. It was easy to put together! The installation videos from the Alta site where a great help. The rack is easy to load with multiple bikes.

  14. Ben Peteocco (verified owner)

    Haven’t got a chance to test the rack out much yet but seems to be excellent quality and was fairly easy to assemble. Only complaint I have is looks like I will have to purchase some kind of hitch extension to get my F150 tailgate to drop completely with rack on.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for your review. Yes, the current setup has interference with the big flairs the Ford trucks have on the top of tailgate. ALTA Extender will allow for full clearance without having to lower the rack. We also have a extended hitch piece in the works that can be swapped out to give you that tailgate clearance.

  15. Mark C. (verified owner)

  16. Deborah Cathey (verified owner)

  17. Byron (verified owner)

    Worth more than the 3 racks you would buy and need to replace over the years instead of getting this awesome rack. Enough clearance to open the rear gate on 2011 Honda Pilot.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Byron, thats what we say as well. The only rack that grows with you

  18. Darrin Davis (verified owner)

    This rack is the real deal. Notice the attention paid to hardware/bolt hardness, the multiple engineered solutions for the dynamic forces affecting the rack. Performance, looks, and easy reconfiguration. Check that silver vein box if you want to flex out dragon scale style.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Dragon scale is the real deal

  19. Shane A. (verified owner)

    The quality on this rack is superb! Excellent attention to details. So happy with this. The online videos were very helpful for the install. Ordering was a effortless. Love the ability to customize for each bike. Thanks!

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Shane,
      Thanks for noticing the details.

  20. Chad Wilson (verified owner)

    Very impressive build! I had a little trouble assembling the pinch bolts correctly so the pivot lever part fit snuggly but otherwise everything is great!

  21. Steve D. (verified owner)

    After a lot of research and checking the web for real world reviews and use videos we figured the Alta rack would be the best fit for us.
    It arrived promptly. Was easily assembled and is quite simply ROCK SOLID on the back of either of our vehicles.
    We were looking for a bike rack that could do it all. Fit all our vehicles and be durable and solid and this is it. It’s simply a great bonus that I can have this on any of our vehicles and still have full access to the bed of the truck without having to remove the rack or unload it. We can even fully open the liftgate of our Expedition Max by simply tilting the rack.
    And we’re looking forward to being able to use this rack on the back of our Jayco travel trailer to haul all our bikes on our camping trips. Hanging off the frame of a travel trailer is a very bumpy place to be and the off road testing done with this rack was one of the greatest selling points in putting our minds to rest about having a rack that didn’t shake itself to pieces.

    Bravo to those at Alta. This is a great product so far and we hope to have it in service for years to come.

    The ONLY thing I can think to make this perfect is a way to easily stow the top rubber straps when there are no bikes on the rack. You can thread the bottom ones through the extra slots but the tops ones have to be coiled and secured with a small bungee. And if this is the worst criticism we can level on the product we’ll be beyond happy with this rack.

    Looking forward to many, happy, safe, family miles with this rack! Thank you Alta Racks!

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Steve,
      I am really trying to understand the last part of the comment. Not sure what you mean about coiled and the use of bungee. The top straps weave thru the slot on the basket as shown on the assembly video. no need to bungee or secure them, thanks for the review though. Please contact us we would love to make sure the rack is 100 percent to your expectation.

  22. Tim (verified owner)

    I ordered on Friday and received it on Monday.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Neil (verified owner)

  25. Chris L. (verified owner)

    Best rack ever! Cradles the bikes like a baby, like how the bikes don’t touch each other and they are also secure when traveling down the road on the back of our fifth wheel! Good job Ali!

  26. Mark (verified owner)

    Fantastic, rock solid rack! Ali’s instructional videos made assembly super easy. Great customer service!

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The customer service is great and the product is well made. The bikes in our 25 ft RV did not move w the brakes strapped and choke in place. Only issue was drag. Wish the anti rattle/stabilizer was reversed so it wasn’t the lowest point.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks for your reply, Since the external stabilizer pulls down on the rack. the only way to make that happen is to have it setup as it is right now.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far I am very impressed! We took this on one trip and it was bomber. The rack is awfully big, but it was very satisfying to know that there was no way the rack or my bikes were going anywhere. Looking forward to loading it up when we head out for the west coast in a few weeks.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Neal,
      Thanks for your review. Big rack for a lot of bikes. Yet still the lightest on the market. Happy travels.

  29. Kevin K. (verified owner)

    Great job everyone!!! The rack is awesome!

  30. brian smith (verified owner)

    Rack is awesome and easy to load and unload . Little disappointed that even with the extender I can not fully open both doors on my 2019 Ford transit . Bottom rail also came with one end bent . Other than these issues I am fairly happy with my rack . I think if I knew I couldn’t fully access my cargo area with the rack on I might of looked for another option .

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Totally bummed about this, gladly will send a new low bar damaged during shipping, please reach out to us thru email.

  31. Michael (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping, and awesome customer service. Rack just went along carrying bikes for 5000 miles and no issues

    • altaracks (store manager)

      What a setup, honored to be your bike rack.

  32. Randy P. (verified owner)

    I had concerns prior to my ordering and they were able to provide excellent help. Also I needed to make a shipping change and once again they displayed a high level of professionalism and customer care.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Randy, Noticed the straps are narrow, we recommend wide and low for RV strapping.

  33. Alex Trueman (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality. I didn’t realize that RV-rated was a thing. I have broken a couple of racks on the back of my RV. This one stood up to the San Diego Denver return trip at highway speed. Hoping for many more thousands of miles.

  34. Scott N. (verified owner)

    Perfection!! For one, great people and product. Made in the USA. Well thought out and very light, great design. Bought a 4 Pack to replace a Thule XT Pro 4 Bike. Wanted to improve my departure angle on my 4Runner for Offroad use and Stability. This does the trick completely!! Using the retractible straps, it is solid as a rock. Thank you guys for answering questions and getting this to me so quick. Cannot say enough about this incredible rack.

  35. Jason Gurba (verified owner)

    This is by far the best rack out there and I am so happy I did the research and pulled the trigger on this rack. I couldn’t be happier. I recommend this rack now to anyone I know who is thinking about buying one and tell them I would not even shop around for others. I previously owned a rack made by one of the more common brands and needed something that worked better and would fit different size bikes to accommodate our family. This is the rack! Additionally the price is comparable or even less than any of the next lesser capable options (at least here in Canada). The customer service was amazing when I asked for a small adjustment in my order and it arrived here in Canada 6 days after my order! That is amazing but even more so during a pandemic! I can’t say enough great things about this rack and the service! Also knowing that Ali is constantly working to make improvements and they would be backwards compatible gives me more comfort that I invested in the right product!

  36. JUSTIN W. (verified owner)

    After losing a rack and 4 bikes years ago due to a sub-par rack, I was excited to find an extremely well built rack that can house the now 6 bikes we have. It fits so good on the back of our motor-home which no rack out there does…..and fits 6 bikes. Love it, thank you!

  37. Christopher Olivas (verified owner)

    Awesome multi functional bike rack , great customer service.

  38. Jeffrey J Bellinger (verified owner)

    The Alta 4 pack is by far the best bicycle rack I have ever purchased. The materials used in building this rack are well thought out and very high quality and the welds are impeccable. I also purchased the lefty conversion kit for the back of my Truck camper the whole rack is very well made and you can tell that Alta racks takes extreme pride in the product they sell. The customer service is also top notch. I would recommend this rack to anyone looking for a American made bike rack. Keep up the awesome work Alta Racks.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      That looks awesome, thanks for the review.

  39. John N. (verified owner)

    Solid rack ! Excellent & responsive customer service.

  40. Craig W. (verified owner)

  41. Francois (verified owner)

    Good product. Fast and on time!

  42. Doru C. (verified owner)

    I learned along the year that you get what you pay for. Understanding the value of a product rather than the price is key. This rack is so solid and that’s what you pay for. Quality. Looking forward to have it for many years to come.

  43. Patrick Lavin (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and rapid delivery!

  44. James D. (verified owner)

    This rack is fantastic. Well built and thoughtfully designed. Highly recommend.

  45. Matthew G. (verified owner)

    This rack is the beauty and the beast. Well thought out and crafted. Burly, Burly, BURLY! An amazing family hauler from 29″ to 24″ wheels. Thanks Alta rack!

    Did I mention it was also shipped next buisness day and made it to NC in a week!

  46. Andrew Braverman (verified owner)

    I was apprehensive with the options on the market and the cost, but my decision to buy an Alta Rack was validated by how exceptionally well made it is. Great product – highly recommended!

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Andrew, That ride is ready for some good offroading to get you to the secret trail heads. Happy shredding. Get some.

  47. Daniel Obernesser (verified owner)

    Great, solid, product

  48. JEFFREY CAVICCHI (verified owner)

    The rack’s bomber quality was mirrored in the way it was packed and shipped. It arrived in pristine shape in heavy-duty boxes made specially for the rack.

    Assembly went smoothly, aided by the excellent instructional videos, and fit and function of the rack are outstanding.

    Customer service was outstanding as well. I asked for instructions on how to use the weight-relieving strap I ordered to accommodate an e-mountain bike, and rather than simply emailing me Alta put together a video the next day demonstrating exactly how to use the strap.

    Top-notch all the way around!

  49. Mark Miles (verified owner)

    We love this rack. We have a steep driveway which means most racks bottom out at the transition to the road, even with a normal 2 bike platform rack. Forget about hauling 4 bikes. I Have not been able to find anything that would work, even other vertical racks, until I found Alta Racks. The build quality is exceptional and the design is well thought out. Customer service is great and my orders have been processed and shipped very quickly.

  50. Matt D. (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but the install was great and it seems solid.

  51. konor rockhill

    The owner was super rad, love the small business and the racks are sturdy. He knows what he is doing! Will definitely recommend to everyone. The rack looks so badass on my rig as well.

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

  53. Anonymous

    Only used a few times but so far I’m loving it.

  54. kevin

    Very satisfied with my purchase experience and the quality of the rack!

  55. Michael Latulipe

    Bought the 4 pack. Rack is super easy to use. Wicked solid, no wiggle to it at all. The guys at Alta are cool and build a heavy duty product. This thing easily blows all other racks out of the water. Love it

  56. Will Dunbar

  57. Brian Thornssberry (verified owner)

    I would recommend one thing but will rather meet with someone and give suggestions

  58. Andrew Sack

    This is an excellent bike rack. Much easier to load than horizontal racks. It is very sturdy. The assembly took about 1.5 hours. Mine arrived with a defective screw hole where the bolt goes through the hitch receiver and into the rack hitch. I contacted the company by email and received a reply 11 minutes later with troubleshooting info. When that didn’t work, they quickly shipped me the replacement part and now it works perfectly.

  59. Doug Vogt

    Great quality, easy to assemble, easy to use.

  60. Nicholas L.

    Added the ALTA SIX Extender to my Sprinter and the rear doors open fully. Exactly what I was looking for. Bombproof rack.

  61. Todd Lopeman

  62. Edward White (verified owner)

    Very sturdy rack. The online YouTube videos showing how to put the rack together were great. I’m very happy with my Alta Rack!

  63. Kendel J. (verified owner)

    This rack is a beast and will probably outlast me. Super solid and holds the bikes securely. I have owned Kuat and Thule racks in the past and the Alta is superior in every way. The only thing I don’t like about the rack is that it requires a rachet and socket to remove and install the rack. If you leave the rack on full time it’s no big deal, but taking it on and off is a little labor intensive. Overall, a small price to pay for such a beast of a rack.

  64. Brandon (verified owner)

    I researched all the racks of this style. What I liked about Alta is that it is more of a “system” that will expand as our needs grow in terms of bikes, winter sports gear and other accessories.

    The rack was easy to put together and works exactly as needed for transporting multiple bikes.

  65. Kate R. (verified owner)

  66. Andrew B. (verified owner)

    Have been very happy with this purchase. Was concerned if my wife would be able to lower and load bikes without me and she has been very happy with the process.

  67. Mark Preece (verified owner)

  68. Scott M. (verified owner)

    This rack is rock solid. Drove from St.Louis to Vancouver Island and back without any issue. Drove through 60mph winds that were perpendicular to the bikes for most of eastern Colorado and Kansas.

  69. Matthew Alford (verified owner)

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