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The ALTA SIX GPR (five pack) utilizes the same rack structure as the four pack and the six pack. The rack will include five baskets, and is compatible with all of our accessories. If you need Mid fat baskets, select the non standard (mid fat) baskets first and second option which are free for change. You may select up to two mid fat baskets free of charge.Please pick your desired color in the swatch below, or add it to the notes at check out. You can also save on shipping on add on items, if you purchase them with the rack. Mobile stand sold separately.

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    Winter Carry Roof Rack Adapter

    Add the Alta Racks Roof Rack Adapter for an additional $149

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    Add the Alta Racks Retractable Straps for an additional $65.00

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    ALTA wheel choke

    Add the wheel choke for smaller wheel precision fitting

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    XL Hitch

    Extra Long Hitch for use on trucks with deep tailgates

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  • Highly Engineered basket and rack design, ensures contact to the tires only, we use 8 feet of weld on our six pack rack, to ensure a life time product.
  • Made in the USA, forged in Utah.
    • Fit any bike- Baskets accommodate wheel / rim sizes from 20 inch up to 29+ inches
      • We used a 20 inch BMX for this fitting, some 20 inch bikes may not fit. Bike used for 20 inch fitting has 35 inch axle to axle.
    • Fit any tire- Three width available for tires, 3 inches wide (General basket), 4 inches wide(Mid Fat basket), and up to 6 inches wide (Fat baskets). Select your combination. You can always purchase other basket sizes at a later time. If you tire width is on the upper end of the measurement, order the next size up. For example 2.9 and 3.0 tires will fit better in the Mid fat baskets.
  • Current General baskets and Fat bike baskets are rated up to 50 pounds, Mid fat baskets are rated to 50 pounds.
  • Do not exceed max limit weight, not even by a pound. A ten percent below max weight is a good rule to follow.
  • Off road and rough road driving exasperates forces on rack significantly, strapping and brake engagements are key to create a stable system.
  • Max two E bike per rack. Loaded around center beam.
  • For trucks select the Extended XL Hitch for clearing tailgates, on new Ford, Dodge, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tundra trucks.
  • RV rated, Strapping system is 100 percent required for RVs, longer XL vehicle (Sprinters, and similar vehicles) and anything with stiff rear suspension. See off-roading videos for setup.
    • tie down from end of top bar to wide and high or low location. Ensure the straps are taught and the weight of the rack is pulled forward.
  • sliding baskets- creating the perfect space and clearance for your handle bars .
  • Adjustable rear wheel strap location for best pedal clearance.
  • From kid bikes to adult bikes -Vertically adjustable horizontal bar creates the right separation for your specific needs, three height adjustments available.
  • perfectly angled for dips in the road and off-road drops. 19 inches clearance from your hitch and the perfect amount of rise.
  • Off-road Upper horizontal bar Tie down points, connect the rack directly to the vehicle to create 3 sided super stable for rough roads and long travel.
  • Slam latch, super secure latch system creates a quick and easy locking and unlocking process for lowering the bikes and locking them in to position.
  • Outer Safety Pin(OSP) for secondary security.
  • Bike brake engagement for solid ride
  • Security -locking loop welded to rack-for securing the bikes to the frame of the rack and vehicle
  • We do not recommend using the racks on current swing out in the market, they all create major play and do not provide a way to tighten the rack. You will bend the baskets.
  • Triple safety in everything we do, Outer Safety Pin(OSP) allow for one handed operation for lower the rack for better loading and unloading process
    • Clearing back tailgates, mini van doors, and SUV back hatches.
    • Product tested rigorously and continues thru simulation and real life testing
  • Optional repair stand interface easily integrated in to the rack
  • Hitch mount with both internal and external anti-sway system,is included with your purchase. It eliminates all unwanted movement in the rack.
  • Use of generic Hardware, such as bolts and nuts. No proprietary products. We won’t charge you 30 dollars for a bolt. Find replacements in your local hardware store, or buy directly from us.
  • Powder coated, we use a three-step powder coat process to ensure longevity. Sand blast, Zinc primer, and outdoor rated powder coat.
    • Pick your own color combination, match your vehicle, or powder coat in your favorite team colors.
      • Contact us for more information.
  • Life Time manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects, and Life time support. We build the ALTA SIX GPR in a way that all parts can be replaced in the case of damage.
  • Existing operators get crash replacement pricing.

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Black, Cherry Red, Orange, Black with Silver Vein, Silver with White Vein

15 reviews for ALTA (Five Pack)

  1. Martha L Henning (verified owner)

  2. Wendy Bertagnole (verified owner)

    such a great bike rack and fantastic service. I am SO happy with everything.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thank you Wendy, greatly appreciate your comment.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is awesome. We love it. Bought garage stand too. Only thing I wish it had is faster system for stabilization on the hitch.

  4. guillaume (verified owner)

    Really awesome and sturdy. Done tons of miles with it on the back of my Sienna. Just Perfect.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thank you, The minivan is the sleeper shuttle machine, ALTA makes the perfect carry system for the minivans.

  5. Kelvin H. (verified owner)

    Excellent rack – easy to load, very secure – what more can you ask?

  6. Leah (verified owner)

    This rack is awesome!! We get 5 bikes off in 10min which includes unthreading the security cable we use with it. 15min to Put in including threading the security cable through. This thing doesn’t move much and it’s definitely worth getting the retractable ratchet just for the ease of it. Definitely an eye catcher too, many people stop to check it out or slow down to have a look. Is nice that you can get different powder coatings. It’s just the main central bar that is the colour though, trest is black

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Leah,
      Thanks for the review. With some practice you’ll get that time down to couple of minutes. Load right to left largest to smallest. Thanks again for your review.

  7. Brian R. (verified owner)

    Ali quickly responded to a missing part in my delivery box, he was courteous and shipped next day what I needed. I really appreciate that level of service, you know he is committed to his company. It is built rock solid and I expect many years. Much easier loading than my old platform now with 5 bikes! Made in the USA and that means something that convinced me to purchase, now with the service response = no regrets.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks so much for your review Brian, treating others like we would like to treated is our customer service Motto. Apologies for the missing part.

  8. Nils D. (verified owner)

    Took forever researching different rack systems that would work with our 5 road bikes and this one fits the bill perfectly.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Nils,
      glad we get the to be the rack for your cycling needs. Greatly appreciate you.

  9. Peter B. (verified owner)

    So happy with this rack! Can easily load 5 bikes, including a 29’er and a bmx without it feeling like a jigsaw puzzle. Feels bomber and super well built.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Peter B.
    • altaracks (store manager)

      You are making me blush, thanks so much.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Such a simple device that makes a huge difference.

  10. Alex Coleman (verified owner)

    great rack built like a rack should be, easy to assemble

  11. Nathan B. (verified owner)

    Quality and Service were Exceptional!

  12. Paul Q. (verified owner)

    Heavy Duty! Easy to load bikes.

  13. Adam Kaufman (verified owner)

    Love the rack and love fitting 5 drop bar bikes all together!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Adam Kaufman
  14. Bill V. (verified owner)

    Already have over 1000 miles with bikes, on all types of road from interstate highway to dirt washboard, best rack I have ever had in keeping the bikes secure in all conditions.

  15. Austin (verified owner)

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