Single adjustable basket mounted on top of the vertical post, creating super compact single bike carrier

Run it by itself or add it to the rack with the top bar on, two mounting option available

  • Mount it directly to the vertical post for a low profile single carrier
  • Mount it on top of the top cross bar and use it with the bike rack as an additional basket
  • removable pin for easy loading

90 pounds max capacity for bikes

This carrier features a compact low bar for rear tire interface, eliminating the need for cross bars.

The basket can be used with any rack as an additional basket, and is constructed from a mix of aluminum and steel.

Constructed with a mix of steel and aluminum.

Adjustable base plate allows for 2.8 inch wide to 4.2 inch wide tires. One basket many adjustments all built in

  • Adjust for width
  • Adjust for wheel size

No need for wheel chokes or multiple basket sizes

Whether you’re hitting the trails or taking your bike on a road trip, this carrier is a great choice for transporting your bike securely and conveniently

includes lift assist strap and mounting bracket

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The ALTA SOLO is a single carrier bike rack that uses the General purpose rack structure, therefore is compatible with all of our racks. That means if you own one of our racks, you can easily add this capability to your existing rack

  • Straight basket mounts to the top of the vertical post
  • 3 adjusting plates, for General, midfat, and fat basket configuration
  • Basket can mount on top of the top horizontal bar on existing racks
  • When purchased as a rack, basket will direct mount to vertical post
  • Stiffener cylinder sets the width with base plate
  • Removal pin helps adjustment for wheel size, auto wheel choke function
  • Two mounting options, stand alone or over the top bar
  • Super compact Aluminum low bar
  • No cross bars required, great clearance for van doors
  • Can be purchase as a stand alone basket for adding to existing racks
  • Powder coated white, can be custom color if we have raw ones available
  • Carry bikes up to 90 pounds, 40 pounds and higher E bike straps required
  • Hand built in Utah USA


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