ALTA Superior EQuattro


The ultimate four pack bike rack for E-bikes and non E-bikes

Highly engineered to withstand some of the toughest roads in Utah, We drive the worst roads to get to best trails

Ten available racks in the color shown, after we go back to our current color for vertical post with the rest of the rack in black

The rack for ebikes, and heavier suspension vehicles 60 pound per bike max

the rack for trailers, 5th wheels, and class C RVs.

ALTA Superior is designed to perform in the most challenging environment while protecting your investment

Part of the ALTA Superior product line, it is just Duty Heavy

Driver side centered sided rack, no factor on loading and flex

Gusseting system with internal threading on top bar equalizes bike load

Clearance on the passenger side for primary van door is one of the features

Comes with locking hitch bolt, XL hitch, retractable straps, Ebike straps, gear hangers

Shown with custom color combo only available for the first ten units

No exchanges or deduction on accessories. This system is designed for performance and we have tested and designed it with offered accessories


  • Please Select Your Basket Options

    Basket Options

    Basket 1

    • $

    Basket 2

    • $

    Basket 3

    • $

    Basket 4

    • $
  • Please Select any Alta Racks Add Ons

    Alta Racks Add-ons

    ALTA Buff

    Your typical Ski buff, not a face mask

    • 20 $

    ALTA OSP(Outer Safety pin)

    Outer Safety pin fits all current ALTA bike racks

    • 15 $

    ALTA basket knob

    Basket knob for the ALTA racks baskets

    • 3.5 $

    ALTA wheel choke

    Add the wheel choke for smaller wheel precision fitting - wheel choke is only compatible with General Tire Baskets.

    • 17 $

    ALTA SIX Wheel Straps (Six Pack)

    ALTA SIX spare wheel straps

    • 42 $

The ALTA Superior Line up is our next generation of racks that take the endurance and durability to whole another level. Highly engineered, tested, and includes all of our top accessories.

The EQuattro is the next generation four pack rack, one sided rack with three bikes on driver side and one on the passenger side. This feature helps with van primary doors opening when the rack is leaned back.

The highly engineered gusseting system is developed thru modeling and real life testing and it creates an overall stiffer rack.

The ALTA superior is designed for heavier bikes, stiffer suspension and rougher rides. Works great for RVs, Class C vehicles, trailers, and 5th wheels.

We included all of the relevant accessories in to an ultimate package system. The rack comes with following accessories locking hitch bolt, XL hitch, ALTA gusseting system, ALTA sliding gear hangers, retractable straps

The rack itself includes four adjustable General baskets, eight ALTA Voile straps, all the required hardware finished in black zinc color, one Outer Safety Pin (OSP), 4 knobs with jam nuts, threaded hitch bolt with locking washer internal stabilizer block, and the external stabilizer system.

Custom color shown Desert tan, with Bend brown, only available for the first ten units. Can order custom color contact us for pricing and color availability.

Drop down menu selection for swapping basket for different size basket. and adding optional addons and spares.


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