ALTA trail stand


$50 for US shipping

The ALTA Trail Stand is an ideal companion for races or day outings

It is incredibly easy to assemble and break down, allowing for transport to any location

The aluminum plates securely hold the legs and enable the stand to be raised or lowered to your desired height

The steel construction of the stand ensures durability

Fully powder-coated with Desert Sand legs and a Gloss Orange top bar

Assembly of the stand requires only a 1/2 inch wrench

The height can be easily adjusted with the side plate and a pin (no tools required)

ALTA Trail Stand is exceptionally lightweight


Your perfect trail side and open space companion to park your bikes, set this up for races or just outside of garage for quick mount and dismount

Fully powder coated with raw Aluminum logo plates on each side, this stand is super light and highly portable

Use a 1/2 inch wrench to tighten it and get it going

We have tested it with six bikes

Logo plates can be powder coated for additional 30 dollar charge, the rest of the stand is powder coated

rubber feet for traction and protection

Height adjustable with the side plates and setting pin to different locations


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