ARCYLON is a single-platform carrier that can carry bikes weighing up to 275 pounds.

Whether you have a road bike, dirt bike, or any other two-wheeled vehicle, ARCYLON is the answer.

The platform is designed with adjustable locations to secure arms and accommodate bikes of different lengths and wheelbases.

The product’s construction primarily consists of 6061 Aluminum and some steel. Weight reduction and strength were both kept in mind during the design process.

Retractable straps are employed to help secure the bike and locking arms.

One of the main features of the rack is the interface it provides via a receiver tube in the center position, allowing other full carrier racks to plug into the ARCYLON. This way, you won’t have to choose which bikes to take with you.

The racks can be purchased with or without the ramp and mount.

—-For bikes weighing less than 90 pounds, there is no need for the ramp, mount, or additional securing straps.

—-Any bike over 90 pounds will need the full package.

80 Pounds

Available on backorder

  • Mostly aluminum construction, weight of the rack is 85 pounds
  • Tested rigorously in southern Utah desert, and long highway travels
  • No internal wheel contact and no strap over rims
  • Adjustable arms / scoops for wheel sizes up to 29 inch.
  • From road bikes to Dirt bikes.
  • Adjustable spacers for the front tire and optional rear, set the perfect tightness for the tire width
  • Self-adjusting cup provides the perfect fit for the front wheel
  • Receiver interface for accommodating additional products, we run a six-pack rack behind the ARCYLON
  • All generic hardware zinc plated black, find replacement at your local hardware store
  • Tig welded for strength and aesthetics
  • Compatible with all of our racks
  • Rack comes with
    • Internal stabilizer and hitch pin bolt
    • Six retractable straps
    • Articulating cup and scoop for the front tire for a perfect fit
    • Four Adjustable tire bullets for the front wheel tightness
    • Adjustable scoop arms for setting the right wheelbase size
    • Powder coated and zinc primer
    • Receiver tube welded on center for expandability with double hitch pin bolts
    • Stiffening arm for the front tire location

Optional handle bar tiedown strap system for heavier bikes
Optional ramp with pin for easy loading and unloading
Tested with CAKE bikes, Dirtbikes, Bakcou fat bikes, Surron, Talaria, super 73, QuiteKat, Rambo,

Life time warranty

80 Pounds


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Allowing existing product to interface with our rack is very important to us, mount your own ski and snowboard carrier on to the rack using the roof rack adapters. Use it to mount any roof rack product to your ALTA.