DaSanchez upgrade kit for GPR


  • We build backwards compatibility in to most of our products.
  • Convert your General Purpose, Lefty, 4 pack, 5 pack, 6 pack to a DaSanchez rack.
  • Replaces top and bottom bar and adds gussets, includes all hardware for installation
  • Top bar is flat black, Gusset and bottom bar and textured black. No option for custom colors currently.
  • You can purchase the add-ons and save on shipping,
  • In order to increase weight capacity the latest GEN hitch is required. See pictures for confirmation, there is side hole on the new hitches, Most hitches since Sept 2019 will be the latest GEN. Send pictures to us for confirmation.
  • If you need to purchase a hitch as well, place request in the notes at check out and let us know Regular hitch or XL.
  • Please Select any Alta Racks Add Ons

    Alta Racks Add-ons

    E-bike Strap

    The e-bike strap instantly increases the weight capacity of the ALTA racks baskets - Add up to 6 straps.

    Retractable Straps

    Retractable ratchet tie-downs each with a break strength of 1,400 pounds and a safe working load of 466 pounds

    Gear Hanger



Take any of our GPR racks and convert it to our flagship Six or seven pack.

Upgrade kit does not include any baskets, basket only sold directly to rack owners

The upgrade kit includes Top bar , bottom bar and Gusseting system, all required hardware

All parts are black

Requires latest Gen hitch piece, regular or XL

If you need add ons and its not available on this page, place request of parts in the notes at checkout


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