XL Hitch

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  • $30 shipping to 48 states and Canada
  • Extra Long Hitch is intended for the use on truck with deep tailgate
  • Allows for full tailgate opening on the newer truck with top flairs
  • Perfect for new Fords, Dodge, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger
  • Not required for full size GM trucks, Toyota Tacoma
  • Can be selected as an option with new purchases
  • This page is for existing rack owners that would like to upgrade the rack




Introducing the XL Hitch for the ALTA Racks bike racks. Created to accommodate the new truck tailgate designs

Can be swapped out with Gen 2 and Gen 3 rack hitches

Adds an additional 3 inches to the current setup which provides the perfect clearance for the new tailgate design on the larger and smaller trucks

You only need this hitch if you have a truck, going further out is not necessary better. Specially with low vehicles, further out carry will place the bikes closer to the ground

The same functionality and construction as our current hitch, make require strapping system on some vehicles due to further extension

Fully compatible with all the rack except Gen 1(2017 builds)

If you are running the extender with your current ALTA to clear your truck tailgate, this is the perfect solution

includes both internal and external stabilizer with the hitch

1 review for XL Hitch

  1. Nate

    Where do I start. I love this rack I have used hanging racks tray and tailgate. I reserched all that i could find on the hanging style. I have transported Without a scratch thousands of miles. I love this rack. I upgraded not always needed to the XL. so that my tailgate would not come in contact with my LX 470 land cruiser.
    If i go on a trip and I am not driving I insist that we take my ALTA rack..I dont want damage and a secure ride that will not lose a bike (have done that on a tray style) 🙁

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Nate, we greatly appreciate the trust you place on our products, and are looking forward to serving you for a long time to come.

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