GPR Rack (Four, Five & Six Packs)

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The General Purpose Rack (GPR) is designed to be versatile, adaptable, and grows with your needs. We accomplish this mission by creating a one size rack to accommodate the Four, Five, and Six pack racks. Our adjustable basket and the infinite tie positions on the low bar allow for the bikes to be exact adjusted for the perfect fit every time. The rack horizontal bar is 60 inches and the four pack weighs 73 pounds, each basket and straps add an additional 3.5 pounds. You can easily start as a four pack and purchase additional baskets in the future to accommodate your set up. The racks are also compatible with all of our accessories. For colors watch the colors video on home page and place desired color in the notes at checkout.

  • Highly Engineered basket and rack design, ensures contact to the tires only, we use 8 feet of weld on our Six pack rack, to ensure a life time product
  • Made in the USA, built by hand in Utah
  • Requires a class 3 hitch receiver with a Minimum tongue weight of 500 pounds
  • You may experience Uni body flex, see the video on our YouTube channel
  • Tire width- Four width baskets are available for tire widths, tires up to 2.8 inches wide (General basket), 2.9 to 3.8 inches wide (Mid Fat basket), and up to 3.9 to 5.8 inches wide (Fat baskets), 20-inch wheel tires up to 4.2 inches wide(Mid Fat Grom basket). Select your combination. You can always purchase other basket sizes at a later time. If your tire width is on the upper end of the measurement, order the next size up. For example, 2.9- and 3.0-inch-wide tires will fit better in the Mid fat baskets.
  • Four options available for baskets
    • General basket fits from road bikes to 2.8 inches wide tires. 24,26(with choke) 27.5,29 inch wheels
    • Midfat basket fits from 2.9 inches wide to 3.8 inches wide tires. 24,26(with choke) 27.5,29 inch wheels
    • Fat basket fits from 3.9 inches wide to 5.8 inches wide tires
    • Grom basket will fit 18- and 20-inch kid bikes only, but bikes may not reach the bottom bar depending on length. 34-inch axle to axle to reach bottom bar, or strap lower wheel to center post. Max tire width is 2.8 inches, can run wider with tire deflated. perfect for BMX bikes, 20 inch suspension bikes
    • Mid Fat Grom
    • We used a 20-inch BMX for this fitting. Bike used for 20-inch fitting has 34-inch axle to axle
  • Current baskets are rated to 50 pounds. Over 40 pounds and E bikes use E bike straps
  • Do not exceed max limit weight, not even by a pound. A ten percent below max weight is a good rule to follow
  • Off road and rough road driving exasperates forces on rack significantly, strapping and brake engagements are key to create a stable system
  • Max two E bike per rack on the GPR. Loaded around center beam
  • Not ideal for class C RVsStrapping system is 100 percent required for RVs, longer XL vehicle (Sprinters, and similar vehicles) and anything with stiff rear suspension. See off-roading videos for setup. Superior models are much more suited for RVs. utilize tie down to door hinges on double door vans.
    • tie down from end of top bar to wide and high or low location. Ensure the straps are taught and the weight of the rack is pulled forward.
  • For trucks select the XL Hitch for clearing tailgates, on new Ford, Dodge, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tundra trucks. Tacoma works with regular hitch
  • sliding baskets- creating the perfect space and clearance for your handle bars. Infinite adjustability reduces the size of bars, reducing weight.
  • Adjustable rear wheel strap location for best pedal clearance. You can go diagonal with longer bikes.
  • From kid bikes to adult bikes -Vertically adjustable horizontal bar creates the right separation for your specific needs, three height adjustments available. Top bar can be adjusted in 1.5 inches increments.
  • perfectly angled for dips in the road and off-road drops. Up to 19 inches clearance from your hitch and the perfect amount of rise.
  • Off-road Upper horizontal bar Tie down points, connect the rack directly to the vehicle to create 3 sided super stable for rough roads and long travel.
  • Slam latch, super secure latch system creates a quick and easy locking and unlocking process for lowering the bikes and locking them in to position.
  • Outer Safety Pin(OSP) for secondary security.
  • Bike brake engagement for solid ride
  • Security -locking loop welded to rack-for securing the bikes to the frame of the rack and vehicle
  • We do not recommend using the racks on current swing out in the market, they all create major play and do not provide a way to tighten the rack. You will bend the baskets, not covered by warranty. ALTA swinger will be out soon.
  • Triple safety in everything we do, Outer Safety Pin(OSP) allow for one handed operation for lower the rack for better loading and unloading process
    • Clearing back tailgates, minivan doors, and SUV back hatches, double door vans
    • Product tested rigorously and continues thru simulation and real life testing
    • Lots of accessories to customize the rack to your needs
    • Hitch mount with an internal and external anti-sway system, is included with your purchase. It eliminates all unwanted movement in the rack.
    • Use of generic Hardware, such as bolts and nuts. No proprietary products. We won’t charge you 30 dollars for a bolt. Find replacements in your local hardware store, or buy directly from us.
    • Powder coated, we use a three-step powder coat process to ensure longevity. Sand blast, Zinc primer, and outdoor rated powder coat.
      • Pick your own color combination, match your vehicle, or powder coat in your favorite team colors.
        • Contact us for more information. Custom order only between September to April
    • Life Time manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects, and Life time support. We build the ALTA GPR in a way that all parts can be replaced in the case of damage.
    • Fully upgradable to the superior model
    • Existing operators get crash replacement pricing.
    • What is included with your rack?
      • All parts to build the rack
      • Both internal and external stabilizers, internal stabilizer comes with a short hitch bolt. Internal stabilizer is preinstalled. Locking hitch bolt is not included.
      • One OSP (Outer Safety Pin) is included
      • Two Voile tire straps per basket, one for front and one for the rear wheel
      • One per basket hand knob threaded with jam nut installed
      • Two brake engagers per basket
      • All the hardware required to assemble the rack

224 reviews for GPR Rack (Four, Five & Six Packs)

  1. Sterling Okura

    High quality rack. Secure, yet easy to adjust for quick access to bikes and rear of truck shell. Don’t know how I lived without this.

  2. Calvin Kim

    Overall, very happy w/ my purchase of the Alta Rack. Love that I can carry my road bikes and mtn bikes as well. As a past owner of a NS6 rack, Thule rack, and current Kuat rack. For a rack that can carry 6 bikes all at once, it is def the best product on the market.

  3. Andrew Wenzel

    This rack is all love, no rub. User error is the only way this guys gonna fail and Ali is always thinking of new things to attach to it. Super versital and user friendly.

  4. keith

  5. Scott

    If you are looking for a bike rack that can hold 6 bikes, look no further. This is incredibly well built and very effective. I would highly recommend this rack

  6. Brandon G.

  7. Judd

    I had looked at every vertical bike rack out there and had seen almost all of them in person and was set on a Recon Rack until I saw the Alta 6. It happened to be the owner if Alta Rack and he was there to talk to. After talking with him about the design and even with just looking over the rack I was sold. The build is solid like a tank where it needs to be and lighter where it doesn’t. I have always liked tire mounts over handle bar or fork crown mounts. They are more secure because they are deeper and there is never metal on metal contact. Or rubber protectors to wear out. Loading the bikes is easier too. You just lift it up and set the tire in. Plus with the Alta rack its not just a bike rack. It can be a ski rack and there is a hammock attachment coming out among others things. The owner/designer believes if your going to spend that much on a rack it needs to do more then just hold a bike so he is designing new attachments for it.

  8. D Chad

    The bike rack is very sturdy and well-constructed. The design is very thoughtful and practical. It is actually a little easier to maneuver than the 4-bike platform racks.

  9. Annie Mueller

  10. Anonymous

    These guys do a great job and deliver an amazing product

  11. Dan C.

    This rack is everything that I was looking for and more in a new rack. No more lifting the bikes onto the top of the car which would be a real pain with our second vehicle. The bikes are extremely secure in the cradles which is super important having had racks that weren’t this way. I really like that I can carry a variety of bikes as well. The build on this seems to be pretty bomb proof which is nice. Working with Ali was a pleasure. Oh, and the Silver Vein finish is absolutely killer!

  12. Tanton Jeppson

  13. zack h.

    Awesome rack, professional service, love the thoughtful design. He’s got the vertical rack figured out and dialed.

  14. Gary J.

    These things are awesome! I had fantastic costumer service. I purchased the Alta 6 and the retractable tie downs. They answered my questions. They took the time with me and made sure I knew how to do everything with the rack and tie downs. Since I drove down to pick it up in person they put the rack together for me as well. They also tested all the joints and lubed them all up.

  15. Daniel

    Look no further… this thing is rad! A bit spendy for sure, but it will last the rest of your pedaling life. It is super sturdy and has zero wobble around corners and over bumps. I did splurge for deluxe the tie-downs, and they definitely make it bomb proof.

  16. Bobby Monson

    Definitely the best rack I have used. As the manager of a bike shop I was looking for something for our shop shuttle. I have used many different bike racks and nothing else compares. The attention to detail is without rival. I will be buying one for my personal car soon.

  17. Joseph A.

    Super friendly and responsive. Because we are local, he even assembled the rack for pickup. Once there he spent quite a bit of time explaining all the details of the rack system and had suggestions on how to best utilize it with our specific vehicle. Love the rack. Carries all six of our bikes without touching frames while keeping them all safely away from each other. Very little sway without the tie down straps.

  18. Derek

    Heavy duty and have high expectations for this. Few QC items: Several paint/finish blemishes. Painted on logos are not centered. It’s not perfect but it is the product I’m looking for.

  19. Nicholas

    Great product. Super sturdy construction. Perfect carrying system that won’t damage your bike.

  20. Jason Sebelin

    After having two bikes damaged with a different rack, I decided to bite the bullet and get this one. This rack is amazing! My bikes have had zero movement, and you can see them in the rear view. Again, no movement to contact!!! Grabs attention where ever we go. I wish I would have learned about this one several years ago before I purchased that other brand. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks guys!!

  21. Jon Y.

    Great rack. Can carry many types of bikes together like road, Mtn, gravel, DH etc. Also, super quick responses to inquiries. Ability to stabilize with tie downs is also cool.

    Highly recommend.

  22. Jeb Rucks

    Excellent rack and excellent buying expierence.

  23. Jason Christensen

    I have been using a few different brands and styles of rear hitch and rooftop bike racks over the years. As a high school mountain bike coach I use my rack nearly every day. The Alta rack is by far the best built and easiest to use bike rack I have ever had. Fit and finish could not be better. Loading is easier than I anticipated. So easy that even my 15 year old daughter will load and unload bikes. I wish I would have made this purchase years ago.

  24. Rodger M.

    This has got to be the best bike rack available on the market, very sturdy, keeps bikes well protected from being scratched or damaged in anyway if used properly. Very prompt service, some washers were missing, I called the number, someone answered, were very apologetic, and shipped the part out immediately. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  25. Ross

    Awesome experience!

  26. Robert

    After owning 5 different top rated racks, the best lasting 5 years before problems, I tried Alta, best rack yet. There is a very short learning curve for lifting your bike up and slotting into wheel cradle which is angled and requires control of front wheel while lifting. The 4 bike rack does not stick out farther than the side of my Jeep thus avoiding wheel spray from hitting bikes. No scraping slush and ice off wheels at trailhead.
    Bikes stay much cleaner than horizontal hitch rack. Construction and design are for a lifetime. Assembly very easy and NO PLASTIC to break. Thanks Alta, finally a long lasting, easy to use, bike rack for everyday use, that protects the bike, and won’t fall apart or break. Well done.

  27. Greg

    We have already put the rack to use over the past few weekends. It has worked great for our family of five kids. We finally have a way to take six bikes and ride together while exploring new places. The rack is solid and very well designed. We couldn’t be happier with it.

  28. james pendleton

    Great rack for carrying multiple bikes. It’s definitely larger than most racks and weighs more, but that’s because it is built well and very sturdy, and, will carry six bikes!
    I installed it on my Tacoma and right away noticed the weight back there while driving with just three bikes on it. Cornering was the most noticeable, but nothing to get too excited about.
    It loads/unloads easily and was pretty easy to assemble, but is easier to install into your hitches receiver if there are two of you.

  29. Matt Jones

    2 Things…1) Alta has amazing customer service, they were super helpful when I was calling to get more information. 2). Love the Rack, I have 4 boys so being able to haul 6 bikes is important. This rack works perfect. I should have bought this rack last year.

  30. Todd B.

    Excellent product and excellent customer service.

  31. Martha L Henning

  32. Tony Cruz

    Ali and Alta Rack have an amazing product and customer service. Never hesitate to contact them with any questions or concerns.

  33. Sean Canty

    This thing is so stout! We took the bikes out camping right after we got it, and it worked perfectly. Every detail has been designed meticulously. Highly recommending to friends!

  34. Daniel W.

    Finally had the rack for enough time to give a legit review.
    I love it!!
    Looked at all the options and finally decided on the Alta… glad I did.
    Here are the concerns I had pre-purchase and had the sorted in the end,
    1) sticks pretty far out from the back of my truck… thought I might wanted it closer but so glad it’s not! I can open the tailgate without tilting the rack, huge benefit.
    2) I was concerned the latch would not be bomber… it is!
    Still use the safety hitch pin when loaded, but leave it out the rest of the time.
    3) wasn’t sure how it would securely hold both 3 inch MTB tires and road tires… it hold both very well with our concern of damage to either wheel/bike.
    And Ali is right, using the bands to lock your breaks really makes it bomber, esp on rough roads.

    I do have 2 suggestions that would make it work a tiny bit better for me
    1) an extra “storage” slot that I could stick the safety pin through when not in use… I know I’m gonna leave it somewhere when I forget to replace it in the slot.
    2) some easy way of pulling the second master bolt so that I could lay the rack out fully flat. Right now you need to have a wrench with you to do it… so it will really never happen.
    Last thing, it didn’t come with all the stickers applied (or in the box) which is NBD and just part of the deal with a family run business… but Alta is losing some advertising as a result
    All in all… stoked on this rack!!

  35. Jody

  36. Johnny

    Great rack and great customer service. I called the number and Ali, the owner answered. He answered all my questions- super helpful.

  37. Dante Montanelli

    Awesome rack built really well and the customer service is top notch.

  38. Michael Naselow

    Love it. Have not figured out how best to lock my bikes with my big huge NY style chain. Other than that it is great.

  39. Jeff

    Amazing rack! As soon as I got it put together I took it on a 600 mi road trip loaded up with six bikes including one E bike. Rode great the entire time, no wiggle, no rubbing between bikes. Being able to adjust the basket spacing was absolutely necessary for fitting 20 inch kid MTBs. Used the bike stand for a pedal swap and fine tune in the derailleur, very handy. Overall very happy with it. The hitch locking mechanism is a little cumbersome but very effective and it sounds like there’s ideas for even better options in the future. Couldn’t be more happy with the rack and Ali is great to work with. Great customer service and always looking to improve the rack.

  40. Max Stirling

    I like that each bike can be removed without taking others off. Very sturdy rack, love the versatility of using it for mountain or road.

  41. Wendy Bertagnole

    such a great bike rack and fantastic service. I am SO happy with everything.

  42. Glen L.

    sturdy, easy to use and great customer service to boot.

  43. Anonymous

    I’ve taken it on one 12 hour road trip so I don’t know yet how it will hold up, but so far, it’s great. It holds our six bikes (mountain bikes, kids bikes, and a road bike) no problem, it’s easy for me to get the bikes on and off, the whole thing is very solid, and it leans back so I can open the back of my minivan.

  44. Brett C.

    Excellent rack. Very sturdy and rides well. It was everything we hoped it would be and more. Would definitely buy from Alta racks again.

  45. Jennifer W.

    Surprised my husband with this awesome rack for Father’s Day! After a lot of research, it was the best option to accommodate all our bikes. It makes loading bikes a breeze and we look pretty sweet driving down the highway! And… I love that we can get into the back of the car without unloading! It is exactly what our biking family needed. Thanks Ulta for a great product.

  46. Kimberly

    The ease of loading and unloading, along with the versatility is what sold me on this rack. While I haven’t had it completely full yet, this rack is built solid and we have not experienced the swaying and movement like we have in other racks. Ali was easy to work with and always quick to answer a question or provide more information.

  47. Anonymous

    This thing is a beast. It is built like a tank. I think the only thing I would request is that the hitch stabilizer be powder coated like the rest of it. Currently it is just bare metal. Bikes fit great and I can drop my tailgate without touching the bike rack which is a huge plus.

  48. Bryan F.

    Design and powder coating are nice but the welds need some improvement to match the price of rack.

  49. Kenny Grant

    Awesome bike rack, I did months of research and after looking g at all the other vertical bike racks I’m super stoked on my Alta Rack. Great customer service, Ali is a great hard working dude and it shows in work.

  50. Nathan Fredrick

    I purchased this rack in early 2019. I did a lot of research and it took time for me to pull the trigger because of the price. I knew this was the rack tho, so I made it happen.

    It has now been over a year and I love my rack. Every time I load it I find better ways to do it.

    The rack is high quality. Ali is super helpful and a great human. He cares a lot about the product he has created and he is continually innovating. I waited over a year to list this to make sure this thing performs. It does!

    I purchased the 6-pack, with the extender, and the tie downs. This allows me access with full utility to my back doors when the rack is laid out. When in use I have some room to operate in the back.

    There are definitely cheaper options out there but a lifetime guarantee???? I have major pride of ownership.

    Now I’m saving up for the floor stand and the table. Even thinking about a new, navy blue powder coat.

  51. Jonathan W.

    We are a family of five and always need to haul a road bike as well. We can’t say enough good things about this bike rack. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! Not only is it solid, it is also great to look at. We had people ask about it within the first hour we had it on the car and have even had people on the highway honk and give a thumbs up! We would recommend this to anyone needing the versatility of a 6 bike rack.

  52. Brian D.

    I have 6 people in my family and did a lot of research on 6-bike carriers, and I believe this is by far the best design with the best function and protection for the bikes. I love how the only interaction between the bikes and the rack is through the rubber of the tires. All other racks I found made contact either with the forks or the frame, which I didn’t like. I love how the racks are made in Salt Lake City. I’m from Albuquerque, NM and was visiting Salt Lake about a month ago, and Ali met with me personally to deliver the rack to me and gave me some great tips on how to best use the rack. It was great customer service. This is a higher priced rack, but the quality warrants the price. I used the rack for the first time a couple weeks ago on a 600-mile trip. The rack worked perfectly. With the hitch lock and straps, there is little to no swaying. I was very pleased with how well it worked. This is a perfect rack, and I strongly recommend it!

  53. Kelly c.

    Sturdy and exactly what I was looking for.

  54. Adam W.

  55. James Weigel

    We love our Alta Six Pack. The angled hitch makes clearing Utah’s large road dips a breeze. Alta Racks take care of our bikes (no rubbing between bikes or frame) and keeps them safe! Once you go with Alta Racks you’ll never go back to a standard rack.

  56. Andy A.

    Hi Ali and Sara,

    We just got back from a roughly 1800 mile road trip with the Alta Rack. Awesome bike rack, no complaints. I’m probably not the first to think of this but I added a light bar to the bottom bar. I was concerned the bikes would partially block my turn signals and break lights. I think it helps. Anyways, thanks for making a great product!


  57. Blake G.

    Ali and crew are responsive and totally in tune with getting g you what you need.

  58. John Collings

    Love my Alta rack! It is easy to load and I can finally take my whole family out for a ride. Bikes are stable and do not knock against each other.

  59. Matthew Duff

    Very happy with the service and responsiveness of your team. Love the rack!

  60. David Hill

    We took the rack to Yellowstone and it was perfect. Easy to load and unload and kept the bikes secure

  61. John Weekes

    I have only had it a week, but it works great. I am having a hard time keeping the tire brackets from shifting though

  62. Shawn D.

    The rack is well built and engineered. It was easy to put together! The installation videos from the Alta site where a great help. The rack is easy to load with multiple bikes.

  63. Anonymous

    This is awesome. We love it. Bought garage stand too. Only thing I wish it had is faster system for stabilization on the hitch.

  64. Jeff Whitbeck

  65. Ryan N.

    A+++ customer service. I switched the color of my rack after I had ordered it and they updated it for me. I really appreciated that. Love the rack, I think we will get many years out of it the way that’s it’s made.

  66. Kate Attea

    genius! works great.

  67. James Ratledge

    I researched several racks. Recon, Alta, Northshore, Lolo, Yakima, and Velocirax. I choose Alta because you can carry road bikes, drop bars, kids, e-bikes, and mountain bikes. The angle at the hitch allows more clearance, how the attachments mount protect your gear, build quality is excellent, finish is top notch, tons of add-on options, and the design is well thought out for durability and function.

  68. Paul Coles

    Best purchase I’ve made in years!!!!

  69. Hardeep D.

    Awesome construction!

  70. stefan liiste

  71. Patrick B.

    Absolutely stunning. This rack is solid.
    I had purchased a six bike rack for a seven week RV roadtrip last summer (‘19) that ended up being a major disappointment. The prior rack had the bikes rubbing up against one another developing scratches, dings and proved itself to be less than advertised. My new Alta Rack, on the other hand is a dream. Very easy to install, And even easier to load and unload. Have already used it on a couple day trips to the beach and it performed beautifully. This is a commercial grade rack through and through.
    The straps are terrific and easy to pull down and lock the tires in place. Very well thought through.
    Highly recommend the Alta 6-bike rack!

  72. Ethan

    Really solid and well-constructed, very pleased.

  73. Erich

    Just Amazing, the quality is bar none, “bomb proof” this thing is exactly what I was looking for and when other wracks shy away from RV use Alta kicks it up a notch, no problem! This is the perfect fit for my family of four on most of our excursions but I love the fact I have the option to add the other two baskets when we have friends that travel with us! Thanks Alta Rack!

  74. guillaume

    Really awesome and sturdy. Done tons of miles with it on the back of my Sienna. Just Perfect.

  75. Jessica D.

    Great rack for large bikes! We travel with a mix of beach cruisers and mountain bikes, so this was a no brainer. Our beach cruisers are pricey and we didn’t like how other racks cause the bikes to rub against each other. This rack keeps the bikes separated and avoids damage.

  76. Jed Atherley

    Rack is great, very sturdy. It’s a bit heavy which makes it difficult to mount and to use the tilting mechanism. Very hard to tilt with the bikes on the rack and then to push back into vertical with the wieght of the bikes.

  77. Anonymous

  78. Heather

    Excellent versatile rack!!! You can tell care and love go into building each and everyone of these racks. Every detail has been thought through down to repurposed rubber tubing for the brakes. I would say the only downside is the 6 pack rack is quite heavy/awkward and typically requires 2 people to put on/take off vehicle.

  79. Michael C.

    Solid Rack. All metal. Zero rattles. Love the orange color. I expect this to be the last bike rack I will ever have to buy.

  80. Matthew

  81. Ben Peteocco

    Haven’t got a chance to test the rack out much yet but seems to be excellent quality and was fairly easy to assemble. Only complaint I have is looks like I will have to purchase some kind of hitch extension to get my F150 tailgate to drop completely with rack on.

  82. Mark C.

  83. Dustin Waraner

    Bad to the bone, solid, true engineering at its finest,made in America. Bikes hang from the wheel and do not damage fork.

  84. Eric B.

    After a lot of bike rack research, this rack was an easy choice. With 4 kids and a travel trailer, this was the only rack that is approved for the back of a trailer and off road. This rack is very well built and so easy to load and unload the bikes. It easily holds all sizes of bikes from 29″ –> 20″ bikes for the kids. And a HUGE bonus is the ground clearance. We have a steep driveway and this rack doesn’t even come close to hitting the ground. Scraping would occur with pretty much any other rack on the market.

  85. Tyler C.

    I love this rack. I was able to really hone in and adjust to get a perfect fit for my bikes. Getting the bikes loaded/unloaded was easy and the bikes stayed secure on the 600+ miles we’ve taken them so far (no movement and no damage)!

  86. Kelvin H.

    Excellent rack – easy to load, very secure – what more can you ask?

  87. Rick Phillips

    Your products are great. Since I’m not too mechanically adept I would have appreciated better step by step assembly instructions, in both written and video forms.

  88. Leah

    This rack is awesome!! We get 5 bikes off in 10min which includes unthreading the security cable we use with it. 15min to Put in including threading the security cable through. This thing doesn’t move much and it’s definitely worth getting the retractable ratchet just for the ease of it. Definitely an eye catcher too, many people stop to check it out or slow down to have a look. Is nice that you can get different powder coatings. It’s just the main central bar that is the colour though, trest is black

  89. Brian R.

    Ali quickly responded to a missing part in my delivery box, he was courteous and shipped next day what I needed. I really appreciate that level of service, you know he is committed to his company. It is built rock solid and I expect many years. Much easier loading than my old platform now with 5 bikes! Made in the USA and that means something that convinced me to purchase, now with the service response = no regrets.

  90. Nils D.

    Took forever researching different rack systems that would work with our 5 road bikes and this one fits the bill perfectly.

  91. Deborah Cathey

  92. Byron

    Worth more than the 3 racks you would buy and need to replace over the years instead of getting this awesome rack. Enough clearance to open the rear gate on 2011 Honda Pilot.

  93. Darrin Davis

    This rack is the real deal. Notice the attention paid to hardware/bolt hardness, the multiple engineered solutions for the dynamic forces affecting the rack. Performance, looks, and easy reconfiguration. Check that silver vein box if you want to flex out dragon scale style.

  94. Peter B.

    So happy with this rack! Can easily load 5 bikes, including a 29’er and a bmx without it feeling like a jigsaw puzzle. Feels bomber and super well built.

  95. Justin

    This thing is awesome!!

  96. Alex Coleman

    great rack built like a rack should be, easy to assemble

  97. kelsey Daum

  98. Shane A.

    The quality on this rack is superb! Excellent attention to details. So happy with this. The online videos were very helpful for the install. Ordering was a effortless. Love the ability to customize for each bike. Thanks!

  99. Nathan B.

    Quality and Service were Exceptional!

  100. Ralph A.

    Alta rack staff was great.

  101. Paul Q.

    Heavy Duty! Easy to load bikes.

  102. Adam Kaufman

    Love the rack and love fitting 5 drop bar bikes all together!

  103. Russell Legg

    Really high quality product. Easy installation with the videos. Definitely worth the money.

  104. Joshua

    Fits our Subaru Ascent perfectly. It’s very well made and works great for our family of bikes, from 20″ to 27.5″.

  105. Chad Wilson

    Very impressive build! I had a little trouble assembling the pinch bolts correctly so the pivot lever part fit snuggly but otherwise everything is great!

  106. Bill V.

    Already have over 1000 miles with bikes, on all types of road from interstate highway to dirt washboard, best rack I have ever had in keeping the bikes secure in all conditions.

  107. Anonymous

  108. Austin

  109. Gerry Blondeaux

  110. Jeremy Whalen

  111. Steve D.

    After a lot of research and checking the web for real world reviews and use videos we figured the Alta rack would be the best fit for us.
    It arrived promptly. Was easily assembled and is quite simply ROCK SOLID on the back of either of our vehicles.
    We were looking for a bike rack that could do it all. Fit all our vehicles and be durable and solid and this is it. It’s simply a great bonus that I can have this on any of our vehicles and still have full access to the bed of the truck without having to remove the rack or unload it. We can even fully open the liftgate of our Expedition Max by simply tilting the rack.
    And we’re looking forward to being able to use this rack on the back of our Jayco travel trailer to haul all our bikes on our camping trips. Hanging off the frame of a travel trailer is a very bumpy place to be and the off road testing done with this rack was one of the greatest selling points in putting our minds to rest about having a rack that didn’t shake itself to pieces.

    Bravo to those at Alta. This is a great product so far and we hope to have it in service for years to come.

    The ONLY thing I can think to make this perfect is a way to easily stow the top rubber straps when there are no bikes on the rack. You can thread the bottom ones through the extra slots but the tops ones have to be coiled and secured with a small bungee. And if this is the worst criticism we can level on the product we’ll be beyond happy with this rack.

    Looking forward to many, happy, safe, family miles with this rack! Thank you Alta Racks!

  112. Tara L.

    Fantastic rack and amazing shipping. (It arrived on my doorstep before I even expected the “your product is being shipped” notice!) The videos are very handy for putting it together and I was able to build it with my 3 young children with relative ease. It is a bit heavy but that seems obvious given how much it holds but the functionality is amazing! I really did not expect to get 6 big bikes on the back of my Toyota Sienna so easily, by myself, and also not have the hitch hit the ground going out of my steep driveway. I also love that all the pieces are non-proprietary so I can fix it with bolts from a hardware store if I break or lose anything while out and about. We are so happy with this purchase and to support good, fairly local, happy people.

  113. Jacob Brown

    Extremely well built. Pictures don’t do the build quality and material choices justice. Heavier than expected (comes with being well build, I guess). Glad I purchased the floor stand for it as well.

  114. Derek

    Phenomenal product and great investment! Carried 6 bikes on recent road trip to BC. Bomb proof!

  115. Madelyn

    We’ve had the rack on our Honda Odyssey and our older Dodge Ram. It’s been great! All 6 bikes can go on easily, no rubbing or bouncing. I love that you can move the wheel baskets around to fit the bikes you have. The rack feels secure on the car. It’s easy to lower the rack with or without bikes and get into the back of the minivan. Happy to have such a user friendly 6 bike rack. In our first two weeks we’ve driven to St. George and back, Moab and back and along the White Rim trail, with no trouble nor worries for our bikes on the Alta Rack.

  116. Colin

    Sweet! Easy to use!! Super stable and the tension straps are a serious plus. The how to assemble videos by Ali made the process easy! Ali was helpful in selecting the right set up. Super thankful for meeting someone in Moab with this set up and turning us onto this product!

  117. phillip noble

    I recently purchased a six rack system and have been very pleased. The ALTA rack is very stout and held up very well to our trip to the Oregon coast. Customer service was also very good to work with when I called for a couple questions.

  118. BEN B.

    The Rack is awesome. It makes packing up the crew a snap! Ali’s attention to detail is incredible. The Alta racks are well thought out, making the set up and everyday use super simple! No more piling bikes in the back of the pickup or having them rub all over each other on inferior rack systems!

  119. Greg Virgallito

    My situation was a little tricky because I was wanting this rack to work on my Toyota Tundra, as well as my Ford E350. The Toyota was an easy fit, the van, not so much. The difficulty was in getting the rack to allow for me to open the spare tire carrier and rear barn doors. After some back and forth with respect to hitches (XL vs Regular) we finally got it right and we love it. Ali and crew were great in helping me get it dialed. The customer service was excellent. Thank you.

  120. Anonymous

    Heavy duty adjustable heck it carries 6 bikes.

  121. Jeremy C.

    I put this rack on my Jeep and put it through some serious off roading. The rack was super solid using the ratchet straps. The rack is good looking and super tough.

  122. Shauna D.

    I am so impressed first with customer service. Ordered the rack Wednesday to be delivered to Canada and it was here Friday afternoon! I can’t even get something that quick in my own country. The rack is absolutely amazing! So easy to load, driven on all sorts of rough terrain and no movement at all. And yeah totally bragging and showing off “my rack”!

  123. Melinda

  124. Jason

  125. Tim

    I ordered on Friday and received it on Monday.

  126. Anonymous

  127. Melanie B.

    We full time travel in our 5th wheel and within the first 4 months we went through two bikes racks – third time is the charm with Alta!!! Sturdy AF, these bikes aren’t bouncing around like the previous brands. Even more importantly the customer service was also amazing, so nice to work with a small company instead of just being another number in a monster corp!!! Videos made assembly a breeze!!!

  128. Neil

  129. Chris L.

    Best rack ever! Cradles the bikes like a baby, like how the bikes don’t touch each other and they are also secure when traveling down the road on the back of our fifth wheel! Good job Ali!

  130. Mark

    Fantastic, rock solid rack! Ali’s instructional videos made assembly super easy. Great customer service!

  131. Amos

    Well constructed rack, heavy duty and fits a ton of bikes.

    I love that the baskets for the bikes are adjustable – this makes it much easier to ensure that all my bikes can fit – whether taking my kids on a ride or friends with large bikes.

  132. Anonymous

    The customer service is great and the product is well made. The bikes in our 25 ft RV did not move w the brakes strapped and choke in place. Only issue was drag. Wish the anti rattle/stabilizer was reversed so it wasn’t the lowest point.

  133. Jeremy

    Easy loading, my 14 year old son and his 13 year old cousin and friend had no problems loading. Works as intended and great ground clearance on 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Best rack I have ever used. Highly recommend.

  134. Matthew J.

    We are impressed with the sturdiness of the rack. It is well built and well though out. The assembly and install were easy. The step by step videos were a great help.
    We love that we can take 6 bikes of varying sizes.
    We are extremely happy with the product and highly recommend it.

  135. Mark S.

    I had to use pool noodles to keep my bikes handlebars and stems from rubbing. I was not expecting that from a rack at this pricepoint. Also, there should be a cable for the orange OSP safety pin attaching it to the rack, like some other companies do. For as much as unit this cost, I was expecting a little more.

  136. Anonymous

    So far I am very impressed! We took this on one trip and it was bomber. The rack is awfully big, but it was very satisfying to know that there was no way the rack or my bikes were going anywhere. Looking forward to loading it up when we head out for the west coast in a few weeks.

  137. Anonymous

  138. Kevin K.

    Great job everyone!!! The rack is awesome!

  139. Anonymous

    Great quality lightweight and amazing functionality. We also got the base which is heavy duty and holds all six bikes with ease and there is lots of room for storage around the bottom.

    I originally ordered from another made in the US company, after waiting past multiple deadlines over four weeks they wanted me to pay extra to “expedite” the shipping. I ordered from Alta and had the rack in three days.

  140. brian smith

    Rack is awesome and easy to load and unload . Little disappointed that even with the extender I can not fully open both doors on my 2019 Ford transit . Bottom rail also came with one end bent . Other than these issues I am fairly happy with my rack . I think if I knew I couldn’t fully access my cargo area with the rack on I might of looked for another option .

  141. Greg Burnette

    It’s incredibly well built and so easy to put together. Buying the ratchet system because we off-road a ton and it will help to further reinforce the stability. Highly recommend

  142. Michael

    Great product, fast shipping, and awesome customer service. Rack just went along carrying bikes for 5000 miles and no issues


    Amazing rack. Easy to assemble. Light, sturdy and simple – excellent engineering. Better than my buddies Recon rack. Fast delivery. Highly recommend.

  144. Matthew C.

    The Alta six pack is by far the best rack I have ever used. If you are thinking about it, just get it and you will have no regrets. Works well with my truck as the clearance for the tailgate is perfect and it is easy to load.

  145. Erin F.

    Overall we really like this rack, we’ve used it several times and seems sturdy and well built. Loved being able to customize it a bit. Shipping was crazy fast and staff were super responsive.

  146. Jean-Philippe C.

    Very nice rack, looks good and very strong. Super fast shipping to Canada

  147. Randy P.

    I had concerns prior to my ordering and they were able to provide excellent help. Also I needed to make a shipping change and once again they displayed a high level of professionalism and customer care.

  148. Alex Trueman

    Outstanding quality. I didn’t realize that RV-rated was a thing. I have broken a couple of racks on the back of my RV. This one stood up to the San Diego Denver return trip at highway speed. Hoping for many more thousands of miles.

  149. Ethan

    My rack arrived quickly and was simple to setup. I’ve used it locally and it is rock stable. Waiting to road trip with it in a few weeks.

  150. Scott N.

    Perfection!! For one, great people and product. Made in the USA. Well thought out and very light, great design. Bought a 4 Pack to replace a Thule XT Pro 4 Bike. Wanted to improve my departure angle on my 4Runner for Offroad use and Stability. This does the trick completely!! Using the retractible straps, it is solid as a rock. Thank you guys for answering questions and getting this to me so quick. Cannot say enough about this incredible rack.

  151. Jason Gurba

    This is by far the best rack out there and I am so happy I did the research and pulled the trigger on this rack. I couldn’t be happier. I recommend this rack now to anyone I know who is thinking about buying one and tell them I would not even shop around for others. I previously owned a rack made by one of the more common brands and needed something that worked better and would fit different size bikes to accommodate our family. This is the rack! Additionally the price is comparable or even less than any of the next lesser capable options (at least here in Canada). The customer service was amazing when I asked for a small adjustment in my order and it arrived here in Canada 6 days after my order! That is amazing but even more so during a pandemic! I can’t say enough great things about this rack and the service! Also knowing that Ali is constantly working to make improvements and they would be backwards compatible gives me more comfort that I invested in the right product!

  152. JUSTIN W.

    After losing a rack and 4 bikes years ago due to a sub-par rack, I was excited to find an extremely well built rack that can house the now 6 bikes we have. It fits so good on the back of our motor-home which no rack out there does…..and fits 6 bikes. Love it, thank you!

  153. Martin Lucas

    Great rack, shipped fast

  154. Gregg P.

    Nice design and very flexible in the setup for 1-6 bikes. It is heavier than anticipated, but is very stiff!

  155. Brian Rogers

    This is the best rack at the NW Cup this weekend. Sturdy, well thought out and has plenty of options. No other rack is so adjustable.

  156. Nathan M.

    This rack is a beast! Well built and easy to assemble and load/unload.

  157. Nick S.

    Couldn’t be happier! Sold my kuat to buy this and it’s a game changer. Very stable, even with 5 overbuilt broduro bikes. Should have bought this years ago. Great product, great staff, and a great experience.

  158. Michael T.

    Great videos for set up and build

  159. Scott H.

    When my 6 bike Alta Rack showed up I said “Whoa! This is REALLY heavy duty!” Putting it together was no problem while watching the videos online👍 Get your spacing dialed in for the bikes you will be hauling, and you are ready to just set them in, strap them down and go. The rack is incredibly solid. I can shake my entire E-350 Super Duty van by pushing on the rack. The rack basically doesn’t move much at all, it becomes part of the vehicle. This is exactly what I was looking for and it works great! I’m happy it’s made in the USA and the lifetime warranty sealed the deal. I highly recommend Alta Racks. High quality, durable product. Looking forward to more bike adventures with my family and the Alta Rack!

  160. Christopher Olivas

    Awesome multi functional bike rack , great customer service.

  161. Nate B

    The rack is great great quality and built extremely well. Installing it in the hitch is a little more work that other racks with built-in anti-wobble devices, but it is absolutely rock solid when it’s installed. Unfortunately, I’m a little bummed that it doesn’t fit 20” bikes as advertised. I have 3 kids. One on a 27.5” and two on 20” bikes, so it was important to me that they fit. I’ve put padding around the baskets for their bikes to make a janky work-around, but it seems it would be extremely easy to just build a smaller basket as an option for consumers with kids. I’m considering having a fab shop just modify them. Not an expense I was looking forward to after dropping $1,200 on a bike rack…

  162. Lavar H.

    Love our six pack rack. Loaded 3 bikes up and took them 500miles without any problems and love still being able to use rear gate on can.

  163. Brandon H.

    Haven’t carried any bikes yet but rack looks great and well made. Videos made the assembly super easy. If your carrying a lot of nice bikes don’t go cheap on your rack get the best one out there and do it right the first time! Keep up the great work guys!

  164. Brad

    Quick and easy set up. I no longer worry about our bikes on the back of the vehicle. Great product!

  165. Jeffrey J Bellinger

    The Alta 4 pack is by far the best bicycle rack I have ever purchased. The materials used in building this rack are well thought out and very high quality and the welds are impeccable. I also purchased the lefty conversion kit for the back of my Truck camper the whole rack is very well made and you can tell that Alta racks takes extreme pride in the product they sell. The customer service is also top notch. I would recommend this rack to anyone looking for a American made bike rack. Keep up the awesome work Alta Racks.

  166. Karl

    Super well made and impressive. So glad I found this Alta rack!

  167. Anonymous

    Awesome Rack. Easy to put together and the new design is really nice.

  168. Kenneth B.

    What an amazing product and company. I’m in a business that requires me to engineer and build custom parts and products everyday. So I am very particular about the products that I buy. I did a ton of researching comparing all of the different upright racks on the market. After watching all of the videos on the Alta website and several others on YouTube, I decided to purchase the Alta rack. Assembly was a snap and I was super impressed with the engineering and quality of the rack. Well Done Alta! Their customer service is also fantastic. I would highly recommend Alta to anyone looking for an upright rack.

  169. Rachel O.

    Really nice rack, seems super stable. The instructions said load largest to smallest, but when loading our bikes (4 kids bikes 20″ & 24″ and 2 adult 29ers) we found loading smallest to easiest was best.
    1 request: it would be nice to have integrated locks.
    Only 2 complaints about this rack. its kind of a pain to just unload one bike in the middle, you almost have to unload each bike before it. And last con is the weight when its in the low position for loading, its really heavy! Especially since we have 2 e-bikes as well. So we keep it in the higher position at all times and it just means that for me being a shorty (5’2), Its not always easy for me to help load (the e-bikes i could do in the low position but not at all in the high position). Not sure if there is even a way for Alta to address these 2 minor complaints, but its not that big of a deal and over all we are super happy to be able to carry 6 bikes which includes two little ones (the smallest bike, far right, doesnt really touch the bottom bar, but using the strap it can cinch it super tight and get close.)
    For those curious we have our rack on our Class C RV and it clears the back mounted tire with no problem.

  170. Robert Ritze

    Received the rack I ordered in less than a week after I ordered it. The box that contained the wheel baskets and extra parts I order had been ripped open loosing one of the wheel chocks that I ordered, sent Sara an email and three days later a new one was delivered so the service was great and took about an half hour to put the rack together and it works great for hauling my wife’s Trek bike and my Terratrike recumbent bike

  171. Charles B.

    Ali was very responsive to questions prior to purchase. Alta rack shipped quickly and well packaged so nothing was damaged. Assembly videos made it clear and easy. Alta rack is built extremely well and very thoughtfully manufactured functioning exactly as intended. The ability to adjust spacing between bikes is a bonus, all aspects of construction are well thought out. Alta Rack beats it’s competitors by a mile, you won’t be disappointed when purchasing this rack in all it’s awesomeness.

  172. Chase Gustman

    Well engineered and quality materials. I couldn’t be happier.

  173. Rob

    I’ve been shopping for a 6-bike rack for a while and only recently heard about Alta. I had previously either used or looked at Northshore, Yakima and Velociraxs but I could tell quickly by other reviews and the info on their site that this would be better for me. I haven’t had too many trips with it yet but the last one I took gave me confidence this rack is unbeatable. The only learning curve we struggled with was the order to load the bikes in (I want my dents and dings from the trail not the rack) but even that wasn’t too bad. I sent Ali some photos with a couple questions and he got back to me the same day and even offered some unsolicited advice on how to best arrange the bikes. The customer service alone makes it worth it. This thing is one of the best engineered pieces of equipment I have ever used.

  174. Daniel W.

    First off, this rack was shipped super quick. Ordered it on a Wednesday and it was here by Friday. The quality of the rack is top-notch. Fit and finish is great. It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the engineering and design of this rack and gives me the confidence I need to hang 6-bikes off of. Still not sure that there is a perfect rack but I think this is the best I have seen.

  175. Jeremy Leger

    Happy with the build quality

  176. Greg H.

    I chose this rack for its build quality, the design (tire-only contact, sliding baskets, roady compatible), and because it all around looks great.

    Went together easily.  You’ll need two 15/16″ sockets or wrenches for assembly, something I didn’t have because this (rare?) size fell right in between my two socket sets.  I think it’s also a good idea to plan on leaving these tools with your rig full-time for removal, attaching and maintenance.

    Even with the wheel choke, my kids’ 20″ and 24″ bikes did not fit next to the other 27.5 and 29’ers because brake levers collided with toptubes.  This occurred even if you load taller bikes first.  While disappointing, it wasn’t a total surprise as I had read that smaller wheels are a problem.  This wouldn’t be an issue if all bikes were more similar in size. Maybe the new Grom Basket for 18-20″ wheels would help, but I haven’t tried it.

    Loading/unloading is easy, but raising and lowering the loaded rack is definitely a two-person job.

    I added a 60″ tailgate light bar, inspired by someone else on YouTube.  The lights really add something special.  It would be awesome if Alta optionally offered a similar light kit ready to go, w/o the need for mods.

  177. Antonio

    This has been an awesome experience! Especially now with the few differences that were made with the straps being the same length and the extended hitch XL clears my tailgate perfectly.

  178. Andrew G.

    Ali answered my questions super fast prior to my order. Fast shipping and easy to assemble. Awesome design, and as advertised I can open my sprinter can rear doors with rack in place.

  179. Bryan

    Excellent product, very high quality. Design, structure, support and capabilities are exceptional!

  180. John N.

    Solid rack ! Excellent & responsive customer service.

  181. John M.

    Excellent product, excellent support. It is obvious that an amazing amount of thought and design has gone into it.

  182. Craig W.

  183. Adam

    Awesome Product and awesome customer service.

  184. Francois

    Good product. Fast and on time!

  185. David D.

    A story about my old rack, you know the type: hitch-mounted, with the bikes hanging from two sticks. It took me a frustrating half hour to figure out one way to nest three bikes on a “five bike” rack where the handlebars and seats and pedals and frames and wheels and various mechanical components weren’t smashed together. I had no desire to partially disassemble my bikes to transport. The two other bikes had to go in the truck bed. And two of the bikes didn’t really fit on the sticks, so one arm went under the front of the frame and the rear wheel hung a few inches off the road. On the trip, I stop for gas, and discover that all the bikes have slipped or jumped out of position. I “fix” this and drive carefully with one eye on the review view mirror. I get to my destination and one of the new bike frames had been severely gouged by the neighboring bike’s pedal pins. When I get home, my bike had some shifting issues. Instead of spending my time riding, I’d need take care of that. I only learn later that if a bike is anything other than an adult road bike, you must purchase frame adapters so that the rack carries the frame adapter and you have faith that the frame adapter carries your bike. My choice was to spend the extra $250 to buy five adapters with the extra time to put them on and take them off only to shift the potential damage elsewhere on the bikes and maybe still not fit five bikes, or to get a different rack.

    So after looking at every other type of rack/mount, I buy an ALTA rack (five pack).

    Ali personally responded to the questions I had before purchasing. Assembly was easy with the online videos. I loaded five bikes on the first try, all of different shapes and sizes, including my drop bar bike, without having to adjust any baskets. No bike touches another bike, and I have no doubt I’d be able to expand to six if needed. You should know that to do its job, the rack is heavy and wide. You’ll need some strength yourself, or a helper, to move the rack when it’s off the vehicle. The rack does not store compactly. I may get the floor stand instead of hanging it. Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the bulkiness when off the vehicle. The ALTA rack will carry the advertised number and you should be able to load it in under 5 minutes! The bikes and the ALTA rack act as one solid unit during transit! The ALTA rack will not wreck your bikes! Because of that I have no regrets and highly recommend.

  186. Samuel Robbins

    One video comment. The online install video was good, but would be better it was shot indoors. The dark shadows made it hard to see the bolts and location of holes.

  187. Mykola D.

    The rack is excellent. It arrived fast. Everything is packaged well. The installation videos are easy to follow. I have a couple of other racks from other companies for 4 and 2 bikes. Loading all 6 bikes on this rack is way faster and easier. The rack is solid. Everything is very high quality. I really appreciate that. We’ve been using the rack on a few trips already. Because this rack is so convenient, we go biking much more often. I wish I bought it earlier.

  188. Guthrie G.

    I love my Alta rack. It is simple to load and unload, sturdy and easy to use. The bikes don’t really move much and gives me the ground clearance I need.

  189. Doru C.

    I learned along the year that you get what you pay for. Understanding the value of a product rather than the price is key. This rack is so solid and that’s what you pay for. Quality. Looking forward to have it for many years to come.

  190. Jeremy QUALLS

    Love the rack.

  191. Barrett Kaasa

    Giving this rack 5 stars because the rack itself is sturdy, secure, and easy to load and unload! But I also wanted to provide a review specific to my setup, so others have the information. I have a 3rd Gen Tacoma with the factory 2″ hitch. The regular size rack works with the Tacoma, and the tailgate can be opened while the rack is in the up position. The factory hitch has larger external dimensions than many other 2″ receivers. The locking pin was slightly too short to fit the recommended 3/16 shackle padlock (see photo) – recommend to the company to make the pin slightly longer to accommodate this. Currently I could probably only fit a little luggage lock on it, which isn’t that secure. Also, due to the the factory hitch, the vertical stabilizer bracket did not work because the receiver has a flange/lip that prevents the stabilizer from working as it is designed (there was no place for the bolt to be seated properly). I had to buy a different hitch stabilizer to get rid of the vertical play.

  192. Tyson

  193. David Gonzalez

    Made our entire trip worry free. We mounted on a jeep rubicon and were able to access the rear gate and open window with rack tilted.

  194. Ian Feinauer

  195. Luis Perea

    Has made family trips so much easier. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you for answer every question Ali.

  196. Adam E.

    I loved the rack when in packaging. The build quality is superior to others. The bikes are held really nicely with the tire hoops. The only downfall I have experienced, which is kind of a big deal is that the angle of the of tires makes the handlebars hit the frames frequently. I bought the six pack and can really only fit 4 bikes on it without hitting or loosening the stem and rotating. I was pretty dissatisfied with this, especially since I paid a premium for the supposable best.

  197. Christopher

    A great bike rack for our young but large family of bike enthusiasts. This rack will last a generation. Maybe more.

  198. Eric Wester

    Very easy to put together and is very sturdy and easy to use!

  199. Patrick Lavin

    Excellent quality and rapid delivery!

  200. James D.

    This rack is fantastic. Well built and thoughtfully designed. Highly recommend.

  201. Matthew G.

    This rack is the beauty and the beast. Well thought out and crafted. Burly, Burly, BURLY! An amazing family hauler from 29″ to 24″ wheels. Thanks Alta rack!

    Did I mention it was also shipped next buisness day and made it to NC in a week!

  202. Seth Dee

    Rack has been great. If you have other 4 wheel camper owners that are interested, the camper door will not open with the extender and regular base when the rack is upright. Opens fine with the rack tilted with or without the extender. So we are probably going to run it without the extender most of the time. And I think the long rack might have been a been the better call for us. But overall very stoked on it. Thanks

  203. Andrew Braverman

    I was apprehensive with the options on the market and the cost, but my decision to buy an Alta Rack was validated by how exceptionally well made it is. Great product – highly recommended!

  204. michael bennett

    The Alta Rack experience was a dream as an international customer. The order was processed, shipped and arrived very quick with updates at every step from the company. While the rack didn’t come with written assembly instructions, the videos were clear and easy to follow. The rack is heavy duty and makes hauling 4+ bikes a dream behind the SUV, no wind sails on the roof anymore and the clearance on the hitch make road clearance no problem.

  205. Daniel Obernesser

    Great, solid, product

  206. Bryan Ortiz

    Amazing rack! Customer service was timely, honest and professional. Thank you! Color is RAD!!

  207. Ryan Harris

    I gave 4 stars because this rack, I believe is the only one that I can put on my pick up and still pull my slide out far enough to open cooler with bikes on it with out reclining it. The bike in the rearview mirror moves a lot on the road with everything “Gorilla” tight according to all the install videos. I also was not happy with the planned bending of the plate steel per install video that I followed. Because the plates did not bend symmetrically the side without the welded nut bent over to close the gap on the hose spacer per video instructions. I really don’t like looking at the one side bent while the other side is straight. It seems like if the bend is to crate tension while the rack reclines you could weld or machine the plates to be wedged towards the back. So bending the plates would not be necessary.
    The rack is A symmetrical because it uses less material and it is lighter I think that was the reasoning. Because the rack cross beam is asymmetrical the tie down on the left, the side strap causes interference while dropping the tailgate if you want to access with out un tying. I also bought the table attachment I haven’t installed it will be using it next week.

  208. Wally Darling

    well built and holds all bike sizes

  209. Joshua Parks

    Wow wow wow! What else is there to say? We bought the five pack with one smaller basket then a day later bought the floor stand for ease of storage and movement. These thing are well built and fit our Motorhome great. Did a lot of research and couldn’t be more happy with choosing Alta. Now I Just wish my wife and daughters had cooler bikes to put on it. But the rack is great for larger family’s and the company is just amazing. They respond to emails and texts quickly. The videos make the set up and install quick and painless and being 100% American made shows in every detail!
    Thank you!

  210. Brandon Kail

    I am thankful I choose to work with ALTA Racks! These racks are 100% top of the line bike hauling masterpieces! Shipping was FAST and the rack was well packed. Customer service is over the top also! I would suggest purchasing from ALTA and not worry about looking any further! 100% STOKED CUSTOMER!!

  211. Anonymous

    Great product.
    One feedback if aligning with hitch was easier due to the weight it takes some work to be able to put in the hitch bolt.
    Garage storage via wall mounts

  212. Timothy Francis

    This rack is everything I hoped it would be. I really like it. I feel at ease with expensive bikes hanging on the back of my SUV knowing they are securely attached.

  213. Ian J.

    The rack is amazingly well engineered and built! We brought it Moab the 2nd day we owned it and worked quite well for hauling around 5 bikes to the trails on a combination of paved and pretty rough dirt/rock roads. I’ve used it on my Ram truck with the hitch extender so the tailgate clears the rack, and also a Chevy Traverse, which did not need the hitch extender. In that case the rack had to be hinged back for the tailgate to open all the way. Definitely recommend using the integrated ratchet straps provided by Alta too. They were easy and quite effective at stabilizing the rack to the vehicle.

  214. Jackson

    This rack is great, well build, and as advertised. I did not give it a 5 just because it was the most expensive of all of the racks i was considering.

  215. Daniel R.

    Use the rack for couple long-distance trips mild off-road. It seems to be keeping the bikes stable. Would have given a 4 but the only drawback is that the baskets leave space for anything that’s not a 29 inch tire to move back and forth and requires purchase of the chocks.

  216. Ryan J.

    Fantastic quality and great service. I would recommend Alta Racks to anyone looking for a quality bike rack.

  217. Paul

    Well built product – Quite sturdy. Would love to see a better locking mechanism but understand the system used for anti-wobble. Pricing is a little high – but for US built items its in alignment and for the quality product you get what you pay for.


    The rack’s bomber quality was mirrored in the way it was packed and shipped. It arrived in pristine shape in heavy-duty boxes made specially for the rack.

    Assembly went smoothly, aided by the excellent instructional videos, and fit and function of the rack are outstanding.

    Customer service was outstanding as well. I asked for instructions on how to use the weight-relieving strap I ordered to accommodate an e-mountain bike, and rather than simply emailing me Alta put together a video the next day demonstrating exactly how to use the strap.

    Top-notch all the way around!

  219. Trevor M.

    This thing is super solid. I haven’t used it yet but the one complaint during the build, although not enough to loose a star, is the lack of documentation. Yes there’s videos to watch online but watching videos on my little phone while putting this together in my garage is not ideal. Rewind 15 seconds… phone screen locks… rewind again… bad shadows in the video… can’t see what I’m trying to find.. rewind 15 seconds.. I’d much rather have a paper manual!

  220. Mark Holler

    What an incredible company, experience and product. I rolled in after hours and they patiently took the time to set the rack system up on my truck. They walked me through options, they guided me through the set up and I left there facility at 7pm with an awesome rack :-). I am a customer for life.
    Mark Holler
    Aussie racing Apparel

  221. Alexander F.

    Super solid and easy to assemble. My only ask is to have an assembly manual with torque specs included with the parts. I personally don’t like watching videos for directions.

  222. Billy

    We love our alta 6

  223. Mark Miles

    We love this rack. We have a steep driveway which means most racks bottom out at the transition to the road, even with a normal 2 bike platform rack. Forget about hauling 4 bikes. I Have not been able to find anything that would work, even other vertical racks, until I found Alta Racks. The build quality is exceptional and the design is well thought out. Customer service is great and my orders have been processed and shipped very quickly.

  224. Judd

    This is actually our second rack. We were re-ended and insurance paid for a new rack. We were given a check so we had our pick of the bike rack litter and stuck with Alta because they are that much better than the rest.

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