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Small foot print floor stand for all of our bike racks. 42 x 41 inch foot print.

GPR stand stows your rack with all your bikes with the same care as on your vehicle.

Mobility where you want it and locking caster providing security for added peace of mind.

Solid structure, will not tip, flex, or fall. Fully powder coated.


We use the smallest foot print possible to store your rack and bikes together

The rack is centered over the top of the stand to create the best balance and center of gravity

Wheel it around your shop, garage, or storage. Includes 2 inch casters for mobility

powder coated for durability, come with all the hardware to assemble

Super fast assembly


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

23 reviews for Mobile Floor Stand

  1. Jeremy Ritch (verified owner)

    Stand is solid with a great finish.

  2. D Chad (verified owner)

    Unique solution for garage storage. Once I had it in the garage, I did realize that it isn’t practical for in-season storage because if the rack is fully loaded, you have to unload the rack in the reverse order of loading; so if the bike you want to use was loaded first, you have to unload all of the other bikes to access it.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Great point Chad, A lot of shops use the floor stand as a display unit and they loosen their stem and turn the wheel parallel to the bike. That would allow removing bikes and not having to follow the order. Hope this helps.

  3. Derek (verified owner)

    Frame was bent during shipping-Ali handled it and took care of business. One wheel does not touch the ground but it still feels very sturdy.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Derek,
      It is a bummer that the stand got bent in shipping, due to the damage describe, we recommend a new stand. Got one waiting to ship out, please contact us directly. We will cover shipping both way.

  4. Brian Mulloy (verified owner)

    Great way to store rack! Color of floor stand is silver vein and my rack is black. Silver vein was the color I originally wanted for the rack but it was not available. Now the floor stand reminds every time I look at it!

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Hi Brian,
      Sorry we were out of stock on the your desired color. Maybe we can re powder your current rack in the future to the Silver Vein?

  5. Jon Youngblood (verified owner)

    This thing is cool. Like an engine stand for your bike rack

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Jon,
      I always thought it looked like an engine stand as well.

  6. Nathaniel Snodgrass (verified owner)

    Awesome. Super easy, stable, exactly what I hoped

  7. Jeff (verified owner)

  8. Glen L. (verified owner)

  9. Robert (verified owner)

    This saves space in my garage and I love it. Not only does the floor stand provide a compact place to store our bikes in the garage, my wife and I (kids, too) can move them easily all at once because the stand is on casters. Also, without the floor stand I’d be taking up valuable real estate in my garage to store the rack plus the bikes.

    An added bonus I didn’t expect is that it feels to me that the bikes are more secure in my garage on the rack. It seems that the effort of taking them off the rack might a deterrent to the unscrupulous souls who might be passing by, looking to help themselves to our bikes because they aren’t just sitting there. On the rack they are also easy to lock together with a short cable.

    Ali got this right. Good thinking, great engineering. Love it.

  10. Kelly c. (verified owner)

    Works as described and provided an excellent place to store the rack when not in use.

  11. Blake G. (verified owner)

    Super heavy duty. Easy to assemble.

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  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Kate Attea (verified owner)

  14. Hardeep D. (verified owner)

    Well built!

  15. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great product! So much more secure than any other bike rack.

  16. David (verified owner)

    Like all Alta products, bombproof. Great for storing bikes in garage during winter.

  17. Matthew (verified owner)

  18. Tyler C. (verified owner)

    This floor stand is awesome. Not only am I no longer tripping over bikes strewn throughout the garage, but it also makes it incredibly easy to move the rack to and from the car. I also like that I can wheel it around the garage if I’m needing to make a short term or long term change to the space.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      The mobile floor stand is so awesome. You nailed it, the ability to roll around the rack with the bikes on is gold.

  19. Kelvin H. (verified owner)

  20. Leah (verified owner)

    The stand has been a lifesaver for us as very limited on storage space we are now able to securely store our bikes in front of our car in our car park.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Jeremy Whalen (verified owner)

  23. Seth B. (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality, design and function. Perfect compliment to the rack and great storage solution!!

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  • GPR stand is designed to store the GPR rack and up to six bikes safely and securely
  • Hitch reciever interface
  • Locking casters allow for mobility and security
  • GPR stand breaks down in to three peices
  • Move it any where any time with the bikes on
  • Can be used for other upright racks as well
  • It weighs 50 pounds
  • powder coated colors