Large ALTA Table Addon


  • Stores with bikes on
  • Available in smaller size for Lefty 3 pack rack
  • 30 dollars shipping
  • All aluminum construction table, and channel. Super light weight and durable.
  • Great for cooking, cleaning, all purpose table usage.
  • 21 inch X 45 inches- 53 cm X 114 cm
  • Stows with bikes on
  • Interfaces directly to the rack in seconds
  • Super secure
  • Uses strapping system to hover, use our straps or your own
  • User adjusted leveling
  • Slotted design for, weight, strength, and travel optimization.
  • No powder coat, raw aluminum. Can be powder coated upon request.

$30 dollars shipping, $70 to powder coat most colors.

Take one more thing to load off the list, we got you covered with the light weight ALTA table system. Cook on it, clean on it, use it as a work station. Made to adapt to your needs.

The ALTA Table system is design to easily stow away on the rack without hindering the loading and unloading process of the bikes or other accessories.

All aluminum construction the table is manufactured with high precision laser for optimal weight, strength, and air travel thru the table while stowed and mobile.

21 inch deep by 45 inches wide rectangular construction, gives you plenty of surface area to cook, work, store.

Channel system allows for the table to sit on top of the lower horizontal bar with precision. Channel system attaches to existing bolts on the lower horizontal bar.

Table is designed to fit in to the front slot of the lower horizontal bar. There are no legs on the table, creating adjustability options for leveling while parked on uneven surface. Strapping system creates the support structure connecting the table to the upper horizontal bar for support, and level adjustment.

The table also interfaces to the main vertical beam, to our general-purpose interface. A Voile straps finishes the stow process by strapping the table to the main vertical beam.


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