Retractable Straps

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You get two with your order. $10 USPS shipping.

Straps are not included with the rack purchase. Use the addon menu when purchasing rack to save on shipping.

Retractable ratchet tie-down system
Each tie-down has a break strength of 1,400-Pound and a safe working load of 466-Pound
Features a single S-hook
Measures 1-Inch by 72-Inch
Set of 2 tie-downs
Units come with 3/8 bolt interface. Simply remove the circle tie down points from the top bar, and bolt on the retractable straps.

Do not bolt straps tight, please watch video on retractable tie downs.


to Save shipping select under add-ons when purchasing the rack

Two retractable straps, tie down wide and low on vehicle to sync the rack to the vehicle frame rather than the receiver.

By passes issues with soft receivers to create a solid weight distribution

It add an additional safety to the rack for long trips

Required for offroading, RVs, side by sides and anything that is lifted.

40 reviews for Retractable Straps

  1. Jake J. (verified owner)

    Inventive tie down strap for a incredible bike rack from a wonderful company.

  2. Brandon G. (verified owner)

  3. Annie Mueller (verified owner)

  4. zack h. (verified owner)

  5. Gary J. (verified owner)

    These things are awesome! I had fantastic costumer service. I purchased the Alta 6 and the retractable tie downs. They answered my questions. They took the time with me and made sure I knew how to do everything with the rack and tie downs. Since I drove down to pick it up in person they put the rack together for me as well. They also tested all the joints and lubed them all up.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Gary, we aim to provide the best customer service possible. Greatly appreciate your comments.

  6. Daniel (verified owner)

    Worth it. They stabilize the rack brilliantly!

  7. Tony Cruz (verified owner)

    Don’t buy the rack without it, it’s that good!

  8. Daniel W. (verified owner)

  9. Rich Adam (verified owner)

  10. Jeff Whitbeck (verified owner)

  11. Paul Coles (verified owner)

  12. Loren Roundy (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Rick Phillips (verified owner)

  15. Steve Holland (verified owner)

    Believe there should be a slight set bend in the piece that bolts to rack allowing a straight line to hitch. With 6 bikes it has already began to bend on it own.

    • altaracks (store manager)

      Thanks Steve, that is a good point. One way to increase the strength on the straps is to use the orange tie down pieces that came with the rack. First take the bolt off each orange tie downs, then take the bolts off the ratcheting straps. Place the orange tie down flush against the back of the ratchet straps and use the same bolt, but and washer setup to secure it all together. Give us a call and we can walk you through it.

  16. Lauren Kaminski (verified owner)

    Stable in a storm

  17. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Required for your rack! Big part of the design and rigidity.

  18. Jeremy Whalen (verified owner)

  19. BEN B. (verified owner)

    Super slick and easy to use.

  20. Melinda (verified owner)

  21. Melanie B. (verified owner)

  22. Carl Y. (verified owner)

  23. Alex Trueman (verified owner)

    Must have for RV install.

  24. Jason Gurba (verified owner)

    Great upgrade to the standard setup. It’s great to have the straps available on the rack when you want them and not have to hunt for your own straps. Plus with the retractable design there is no excess strap flapping around as you drive. They are built well and work great. I would highly recommend purchasing these retractable straps when buying a rack.

  25. Michael T. (verified owner)

  26. Rachel O. (verified owner)

    Since we go off road ALOT and have the rack on our RV we got the recommended straps and attached to the bumper. Makes the rack super stable.

  27. David D. (verified owner)

    I decided to add these to the rack purchase up front even though they might not be necessary for my minivan or compact pickup driving mostly on paved roads. So far so good. They operate smoothly and are out of the way when not in use.

  28. Curtis (verified owner)

    These are awesome straps and very easy to use.

  29. Doru C. (verified owner)

  30. michael bennett (verified owner)

  31. Daniel R. (verified owner)

    Excellent addition for stability to the rack particularly when behind a rv. Ergonomic function

  32. ALBERT P. (verified owner)

  33. Mark Holler (verified owner)

  34. Patrick McDermott

  35. Brian Thornssberry

    There is a recommendation or idea that should had to the rack
    Let me know who I should speak to
    Not sure if you have came up with this idea

  36. Jay T. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for “hooking me up”(litterally and figuratively) on which a short notice before the holiday…the rack by far exceeds my expectations my wife and I love it!!! Being in the trades myself I can surely appreciate the work and thought put into these Alta racks!!! Thanks again!!

  37. Josh V. (verified owner)

    Great product easy to use and very sturdy!

  38. Kevin B. (verified owner)

  39. Adrian C.

  40. Michael W. (verified owner)

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