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These are some helpful tips for using the Alta Racks bike rack system:

  1. Load larger bikes first and smallest bikes last, except for the first and last baskets.
  2. Use the sliding baskets to adjust for handlebar interference.
  3. Road bikes may require more space due to handlebar shape.
  4. Use the rubber strips brake engagers to secure the bikes and prevent motion.
  5. Fully tighten the hitch tightener to eliminate any horizontal or vertical movement in the rack.
  6. Make sure the main pivot is fully tightened and the main vertical beam has enough resistance when being lowered.
  7. Tighten the OSP bolt with rubber housing until about 1/2 inch of thread is showing past the nut.
  8. Watch the videos for more detailed usage recommendations and tips on locking the bikes.
  9. Do not use third-party extenders or use the rack on a swing-away, as it may result in damage to the rack and the bikes.
  10. Always use a hitch pin and hitch stabilizer when operating the rack.

If you have any further questions or concerns, the Alta Racks team can be reached at 801-742-1107.