“I’ve had my rack for a little over a month now, and the one phrase that I would use to describe the rack is nuke proof!

Based out of Salt Lake City the team from Alta racks refers to the rack as a 4 season general purpose rack and rightfully so with features and applications that include a camp friendly fold out table, a hammock application, and an easily removable bike stand arm. The rack does as well include features that would allow for you to haul your ski/ snowboard equipment, although I have yet to to try those out.

Since I’ve begun using my rack I have had it fully loaded a few times, and when fully loaded all the bikes fit perfectly and free of rub. Loading and unloading is made easy with the rack design that guides the front tire to the left. I have found that it is designed to load from right to left and unload from left to right.

I have had the rack on the back of my Tacoma for around town use, a road trip down south, and down some 4×4 trails in Virgin, Ut. All of the anti sway features e.g. the locking pivot, the hitch stabilizer and the strap holds have held the rack firmly in place and have reduced the bike sway to nearly none at all. Additionally the Voile strap feature that secures the bike by its wheels to the rack keeps the bike from bouncing in the rack at all . . .”

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