2000 hour test

It's an exciting time for us as we celebrate three years in sales, and we have some early adopters we want to give a shout out to - the shuttle companies in Moab and Hurricane Utah. These areas are known for their rough roads and Red Bull Rampage, so the bar is set...

8 feet of pride

Welcome to the upright revolution, as Yakima bike racks puts it! At Alta Racks, we say, "we've kept a seat warm for you," even if it is 20 years late. As a consumer, you may notice many companies offering similar-looking products, often with a significant price...

All racks are not created equal

ALL RACKS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL What is the insurance that your new bike is not being damaged by your racks worth to you? Do you think about how to store your bikes in your garage, and then you still have a rack to deal with? Expect more. We have spent the past two...

Alta bike rack Assembly instruction pictorial

In case you wanted to print the over all assembly general assembly. Instruction Set_pics only

ALTA bike rack with Decked truck bed drawers

We recently had a customer purchase the ALTA four pack and they reached out to us post sales for some awesome feedback. Good Morning Alta Team, I am a happy new owner of a 4 pack rack. I wanted to follow up with a little data on the Decked drawers and ask a few...

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Floor Stand

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