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At ALTA RACKS we design and build AWSOME racks.

September 2017, We plan on starting the sale of the racks by the end of the month.

Bicycle racks made in Utah

Made in Utah

ALTA SIX GPR is the most versatile carry system on the market, a four season rack with innovative storage capability. The ultimate system with adjustability, versatility, and adaptability. Become an Operator today. There is no rub/touch to the frame of the bike, from other bikes or the rack. Protect your investment.

six bicycle carrier


ALTA SIX GPR Carries up to six bikes from road bikes to fat tire bikes. Fits 99 percent of the bikes.

  • Fits 20 inch to 29 inch wheels.
  • From road bikes to fat tire bikes
  • No touch carry system, completely adjustable in height of the rack, bike location, pedal location
  • We have solutions to carry up to 12 bicycles on one vehicle
  • Ground mobility unit, allows the operator to store or transport bikes on the rack. WIth fully Locking casters
  • Repair station built in to the rack, removable pinch arm allows the operator to repair the bike using the rack
  • Advance locking system
  • Offroad tie down points
  • Combination Dirt Bike bicycle carrier, carry one dirt bike and up to four bicycles. MOTO_QUATTRO
  • Integrated base camp table
  • Gear bag for your dirty gear storage
  • Ski/snowboard carrier
  • Adapter for existing name brand ski/snowboard carriers (use your current ski and snow board carrier on the ALTA SIX)
  • Hammock interface and portable hammock
  • Kayake carry system, carries up to 4 kayakes
  • And much more, please join us on social media for the latest updates

  Buy one rack and use it year round. You got toys we have carriers.


One rack to rule them all

ALTA SIX GPR Winter Carry System phase one

Ski, snowboard, bicycles, carrier, hitch mount

Adapting exisiting products to the ALTA SIX GPR

fatbike carrier

Mid Fat and Fat bikes all the way to 6 inch tires and 29 inch wheels, road bikes too

motorcycle, bicycle carrier

Combination Dirt bike/ bicycle carrier

carry six bikes, bicycle storage system

bicycle repair stand, bicycle rack

Removable repair stand

ALTA SIX GPR weighs 80 pounds, with similar cost as the name brand four carriers

Madein USA, six bicycle carrier

Rugged system designed for both off-raod and on-road action. One rack to rule them all. It’s not just a bike rack but a life rack.