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Carry road bikes, kids bikes, mountain bikes.

One can get a Hang Over by using some of these racks these days. The word on the street is that Yakima racks company went to the Canadian friends North Shore bike racks and licensed out their tech, or patent (update, not the case according to Yakima). The tradition of carrying suspension fork bikes is continued with these new racks. The worst part is the way the bikes are being suspended. They hang from the fork, putting the weight of the bike on the bike’s stanchion. One look at this mixed drink, you can see why they call it a hangover. Because that is what is going to be after the bike may be destroyed by this style of hanging. Hang Over 4 or Hang Over 6. Soft padding to protect the Forks’ finish, how about the actual fork itself, and not to mention the stem on the bike.

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Yakima Hang Over

Alta vertical bike rack, are engineered, and designed to protect your bike from every angle. No contact to the frame, fully adjustable for handle bar clearance. The bikes do not hang. The lean against the rack, there is horizontal positive force on the rear tire (relieving the weight from the front hub). Then let’s talk about the rise for the dips in the road and rough roads, the offset to clear tail gate, SUV, and van doors. There is so many details that we look at, and not mention road bikes, kid bikes, beach cruisers. You can’t Hang Over any of those bikes.

The mast angles that are claimed by Yakima Hang over, can actually exasperate the vertical forces, and gravitational forces on the bike even further. Without even trying the rack, it may be that there will be issues with bikes and some vehicles. There is a reason basket designs are not common. They are hard to build, and even harder to mass manufacture. But they are the safest way to carry a bike. We are confident These companies may copy our design in the future.