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Another U.S. manufacturer,  Alta Racks in Utah, said the tariffs “are about more than price fairness.”

“As an immigrant I know and (have) seen the tyranny that exist in most of the world. It is not a fictional thing, it is real. There are countries and people that hate our way of life. It’s too bad most American never get to experience it. China’s government is one of those, our democracy is direct threat to the communism and how they control their population. To me tariffs are not just about price fairness. It’s about spreading democracy and human rights as rights at birth, not given by any nation or government.”

Alta manufactures all its car racks in the U.S. Ali said the tariffs help equalize the price difference between his products and his competitors who import from China.

“I am baffled by the comments that we can’t build bikes and other components here. Since when has the word ‘can’t’ stopped this great nation from accomplishing the impossible? We invented the electricity, refrigerator, air conditioning. We invented penicillin, and eradicated many diseases.

“Lastly the claims that the cost will be passed to consumer, I see that as a good thing. We need to understand and get back to buying products for quality and lasting a life time. The consumerism approach and the throwaway society is killing our planet.”