Universal Step


  • Aluminum body with steel support structure
  • Multiple ways to mount
    • Mounts directly to our vertical bike racks
    • Mounts to our ALTA SIX Extender, bottom hole
      • extender can still be used as its function
    • Direct mount to vehicle receiver (requires additional parts, contact us)
  • Transfers force back into vehicle, not onto the rack
  • The entire weight placed on the rack goes back in to the vehicle
  • Replaces internal stabilizer
  • Powder coat optional
  • Does not interfere with rear bike loading
  • Easy installation
  • 350 lb. capacity

Creates much easier access into vehicles and accessing the roof of your vehicle. 5052 Aluminum body construction with orange powder-coated steel for support structure. With the internal hitch stabilizer, it moved the forces from the rack back into the vehicle to create more rigidity. With multiple mounting provisions, the step can be used for a variety of different vehicles and applications. Can be mounted directly in tandem with the rack, onto the hitch extender, and directly into the hitch receiver of your vehicle. Powder coating options are available upon request. Select "add custom color" for powder coating options. Add to notes at checkout. Step will come in raw Aluminum otherwise. Can hold up to 350 lbs.

  • Requires newest gen hitch with through hole
  • Mounting hardware will be included


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