With advancements in technology and design, vertical bike racks are becoming increasingly popular. Horizontal racks are problematic as they create leverage issues and loading bikes can be difficult due to handlebar and pedal clearance issues. However, not all vertical racks are created equal, and it is still a concern that expensive bikes are being hung from their handlebars or other parts that are susceptible to abrasion and stress.

While hooks may seem like a cost-effective option, they often come at a lower price for a reason. Height and offset distance from the vehicle are challenging problems to solve, and most companies do not provide good solutions for everyday challenges. If you want to protect your bikes from prolonged dynamic forces and maintain their resale value, it’s important to invest in a high-quality rack.

While supporting small businesses is important, it’s crucial to ensure that you are protected. Many rack companies do not have liability insurance to cover worst-case scenarios, and if there is a failure due to manufacturing or design issues, you may be responsible for any damage or injury. At Alta Racks, we use upfront engineering, design, modeling, and testing to ensure that our products are highly engineered and backed by a lifetime warranty. We believe that our racks are the best on the market, providing versatility and a seamless system that has taken years to develop.

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