ALTA RACKS internal and external stabalizer 4 ALTA RACKS internal and external stabalizer 3

Many rack companies want to create an easy stabilization for their rack. This is a great idea, until physics kicks in. Driving forces create multi dimensional forces that are applied to the rack and the bikes. These forces eventually can wear out the best of the stabilizers.

We don’t use the generic stabilization

  1. Our design is based on federated approach which means all parts can be changed or upgraded regardless of version. Integrating a stabilizer removes that upgrade path
  2. Single dimension stabilization, our stabilizer system is internal with a option to use three location on the hitch to mount to a receiver, with an built in this is not possible. The secondary stabilizer is to prevent the rack from raising up and down. This significantly removes unwanted forces from the rack and helps with longevity and performance. This design approach is based on not having a single point of failure in any operations, which is the corner stone military design approach.
  3. We have seen those internal stabilizers fail on other brands and so have thousands of others and once that happens the rack is done. We build our products to last generations not the next 5 years. Therefore having the ability to remove parts to upgrade or replace, and not having single points of failures becomes primary in design process.
  4. That said, we are always searching for something better, so there will be other versions

Comparing this to systems that are easier to use is a fair assessment, but we build our product with no single point of failure in the system. It is important that the rack can survive even if one part fails. That is the military design concept, build survivability in to our systems.

A locking internal system is certainly on the horizon, if you are reading this, and wonder if we have it. Check the shop page on our website to see if it is available. Thanks for your time and reading this article. Do we have answers for every solution, probably not.