ALTA Superior OCHO – 8 Pack


$200 dollar flat rate shipping the USA

Largest capacity bike rack on the market

8 Pack comes with 8 baskets of your choice

Engineering and off-roading are what we do, creating top-of-the-line no-compromise solutions.

Carry up to eight bikes or E bikes with ease, comes with eight baskets in whatever size you want.

Select HD basket for up to 70 pounds per bike capacity

325 pounds rack capacity

Basket options can be changed while customizing the rack.

The Low bar extensions, with a longer top and bottom bar, allows for even more spacing for baskets and more bikes.

See the description for a list of accessories included with this rack.

The vertical post has multiple color options, but the rest of the rack is black.

Custom powder coat is available for all parts September to April, typically $20 per part.

Hand-built in Utah, USA.

We ship to the US, Canada, and all US military installations across the world.

Please read the description below for a full list of included parts and accessories, as all racks may vary.

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What is included with this rack?

  • Internal Stabilizer w/ a hitch bolt
  • External Stabilizer
  • Locking Hitch Bolt
  • Outer Safety Pin (OSP) w/ cotter pin
  • 8 baskets in a size of your choosing
  • 2 Voile Straps per basket (1 for front and 1 for rear tires)
  • Knob w/ jam nut (installed on baskets)
  • 2 Brake Engagers per basket
  • Lift assist Strap
  • A set of 2 retractable straps
  • All of the required hardware to assemble the rack
  • Driver and Passenger Gussets
  • OCHO Top and Low Bar
  • Low Bar Extensions and Stiffeners
  • XL Hitch
  • Main beam in a color of your choosing
  • Slam Latch
  • Life time warranty w/ amazing customer service (our reviews tell all)

The rack adds enough room for 8 bikes due to the 74 in width of the top bar. The baskets are fully adjustable for perfect spacing every time.

The XL Hitch provides the perfect distance for rear tailgate access and van doors.

If installed correctly there is no play in the rack so windows on campers and RVs are safe.

Dual gusseting system supports heavier bikes while also reducing flex during rough road driving.

Easily carries up to eight bikes without the sacrifice of interference between bikes.

Designed with off-roading and rough-roading in mind, but gentle enough to protect your investment in the worst conditions.

Our three-step powder coat ensures long life. We sand blast all parts, apply zinc primer, and then finally the outdoor-rated color. Powder coat is warrantied for one year.

To carry E bikes on any Superior racks, brakes must be engaged on the bikes, E bike straps installed on the pedal and weight of the bike lifted from the basket, rack must be tied down to the vehicle low and wide (bumper) or high and wide (roof rack), going to the chain loops on the receiver is not going to satisfy this. If you are running 24 inch or 26 inch tires wheel chokes must be utilized. Ensure all connection are tied, test your receiver for flex and address it.

Hitch Clearance Guide

Please reference the PDF link below to view all hitch variation and clearance measurements:



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